WFILTU Chapter 404 – Third Aunt-in-law II

The flying snowflakes hit Xue Jiao. She pulled her hat to cover her face.

This was the first complete winter in Beijing. She still couldn’t adapt to the severe winter in the north.

Every day when she walks out of the house, she feels like half her life has been blown away by the wind.

Mai Jiajia stepped on the bus and said, “Get on the bike and I’ll take you to the school gate.”

“No, you should hurry back!”

“It will take about twenty minutes to walk. You will be frozen into silly dumplings. Get on the bike quickly!” With that, Mai Jiajia handed her the milk tea and put on her hat.

Xue Jiao couldn’t help laughing. Her eyes were warm and she climbed onto the bike.

Wearing gloves, Mai Jiajia asked, “Did you give the result of Fermat’s proof to Professor Tan?”


“That’s really great. If I knew you were busy proving Fermat’s theorem this semester. I’ll serve you three meals! My God!”

Xue Jiao patted her on the shoulder: “Don’t be poor.”

Mai Jiajia started the bike: “Who gave you poverty, great god? You are the great god in my mind. If you were a man, I would have a boyfriend.”

“You can also be my girlfriend now.”

“Oh, my God! The cool aloof goddess Gu made such a joke! It should be recorded! Say it again, great god!”

“Hahaha, good words shouldn’t be said twice!”

“The great god, I’ll tell you a piece of good news.”


“Roll call today, so you don’t have your usual grades in orientation this semester. If you can’t get 80 on the test paper, you may have to fail.”

“…… you could also not tell me.”

“Hahahaha!! I have to tell you, I can’t have a boyfriend who failed the course! Great god Gu, come on! Hahaha!”

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Professor Tan is reading Xue Jiao’s book, so she no longer pays attention to it and focuses on the exam.

She really did not give much effort in her studies in the latter half of the semester, but the first half semester she was still very serious. She doesn’t expect every subject to get full marks but it’s really embarrassing to fail the course.

Therefore, Xue Jiao fell into the final review which was more tense than the review of the college entrance examination.

In order to not fail, the final exams are probably the most hard-working period for the majority of college students.

In a phrase——

Free and easy for half a year, back to before the college exam in a night.

Fortunately, the pace was tight, and all the exams were finished in more than a week.

After Xue Jiao finished the exams and hugged the several roommates one by one, she went to Professor Tan with her school bag on her back.

She called in advance, at this time, Professor Tan sat in the office waiting for her to come.

“Hello, Professor Tan.” Xue Jiao greeted politely.

“Hahaha, you’re here. Sit down, sit down.” Professor Tan pointed to the seat in front of him and sat down.

Professor Tan patted his hand on the table: “Gu Xuejiao!”

“Here!” Xue Jiao subconsciously sat up and shouted.

Professor Tan was stunned for a moment, and then laughed: “Ha ha ha, Gu Xuejiao, it seems that the military training effect at the beginning of school is very good.”

Xue Jiao moved and showed an embarrassed smile.

“Gu Xuejiao, I have to tell you that you already have mature ideas and methods for this proof, but I have circled several places and annotated them for you. Pay attention to them when you write your paper.” Professor Tan opened his book and told her little by little.

His head turned a little, and that’s when Xue Jiao noticed that he had white hair.

The lines on the forehead are clearly visible, and you should be as close as possible even while wearing glasses to notice the senile spots. .

Yes, Professor Tan is actually already sixty……

She was a little melancholic, but she nodded and responded obediently.

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