SAPPS Chapter 51

Because Wei San took down his ion gun with just one hand.

When Laozi Wins fell into a moment of confusion, the other ion gun on his shoulder was dismantled.

Wei San didn’t care about what he thought. Her hands were extremely skilled. After all, she has simulated it countless times in her mind and quickly disassembled all the parts she was interested in a non violent way.

As she reached the end of tearing it apart, she accidentally took Laozi Wins out.

When Laozi Wins was suddenly exposed to light in his aircraft mecha cabin: “..…..”

Onlookers under the stage: “……”

The referee was stunned, and then quickly announced that he had succeeded in surrendering to life.

After being announced for winning, the two couldn’t fight anymore. Wei San felt a little sorry to stop. She thought it was better to dismantle the mechas bit by bit in the battle next time.

It was unknown if Laozi Wins had been hit too hard. He put away his fragmented mecha and left without even saying a cruel word.

As soon as Wei San stepped down, she received the star coins and points, and also upgraded to L1.

Before she went out, she ordered two random PKs for the next two days. If she could battle more, she would battle more.

Wei San has competed for five consecutive games, and her ability to dismantle the mecha became more and more perfect. No matter whether her opponent was strong or weak, as long as she was close, the mecha could be picked up. In the back, Wei San’s interest was no longer on winning or losing. In the last game, she met the more powerful players in the L1 level, who were pressed and beaten miserably.

“They can even stand up like this? It can’t be seen that they have only risen today.”

“Just avoided the fatal place. This man called Bowing to Life has some potential.”

There were many onlookers at the bottom, watching Wei San compete with the person called the Scarred Person. They had mainly come for the Scarred Person.

“Hahahaha, Bowing to Life is quite interesting. They can actually destroy Scar’s mecha.”

“Ai, I saw this person battle this morning. She seems to like destroying other people’s mecha.”

“Who won’t destroy mecha in a fight?”

“That’s not what I mean. Ai, I can’t explain it.”

Probably because Wei San destroyed Scar’s mecha, so the other party’s hand became heavier and heavier.

Wei San could not help spitting out a mouthful of congested blood in the mecha cabin, but her hands did not stop, controlling the mecha to avoid the attacks of Scar.

If someone could see Wei San inside, they would find that she doesn’t look anxious at all. Instead, she became more and more calm and controlled the mecha faster and faster.

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In the challenge arena next door.

“Congratulations on West Landing’s 20th victory!”

“Awesome! He won 20 games in a day!”

“The strength of West Landing must be strong. Maybe he will go straight to L3.”

“And his mecha is still the original mecha and has not been modified.”

A slender figure jumped out of the black mecha on the stage, wearing a silver mask. They couldn’t see his face clearly. He took back his mecha and prepared for the next game. When passing by the challenge arena, his eyes stayed on Wei San for a few seconds.

Then he withdrew his eyes, left here and went to the next challenge arena.

In the challenge arena, Scar became more and more irritable. The other party was disgusting like an immortal cockroach. He obviously used more and more strength, but the other party became more and more slippery.

“Die for me!” Scar became angry, and his attack lost its acknowledgement of being strong or weak. He used to be an L1 level melee master and rarely used long-ranged attacks, especially since the challenge arena was limited. This time, he pretended to use steel claws, but in fact, he opened the ion gun and aimed directly at Wei San.

At this time, the audience suddenly said, “I have a bad hunch.” This scene was too familiar.

Sure enough, in the next second, Wei San headed against the drawn steel claw to avoid the attack of the ion gun, and then……dismantled Scar’s ion gun at a lightning speed.

Other audiences who haven’t seen this scene: “? ? ?”

Scar reacted much faster than Laozi Wins. The steel claw waved towards Wei San, bound to kill her.

Naturally, Wei San would not be attacked by the steel claws. She used the original underground factory mecha. She had no weapons, only a pair of fists. Now she had an ion gun device.

She smashed her ion gun at Scar, took the opportunity to go around behind Scar, flew up and kicked the other’s waist.

The speed of Wei San was so fast that the audience didn’t even react to how she swerved around. Her kick was very heavy, and Scar fell directly to the ground with his mecha.

Wei San manipulated the mecha and stepped on Scar’s mecha. She bent down and removed the other party’s steel claws. Scar was still resisting. She punched him on the head.

Scar suddenly fainted.

[Congratulations to Bowing to Life for winning their sixth victory, star coin x20000, points X100]

She finally won.

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