SOOEW Chapter 309 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXXI

No matter what starting point Chris holds, she can’t ignore his help. Without him, she may not be so calm in the battle of emergency, and she was likely to have a hard battle. There was snake venom in the fire of the spitting fire snake. If it burned her skin, it would slowly penetrate. If the snake venom accumulated to a certain extent, the person would spontaneously ignite. If she doesn’t react well and doesn’t enter the aircraft cabin in time, she is likely to be injured. This was brought about by long-term combat experience, which she couldn’t make up for.

“My pleasure.”

This time, he was especially sincere.

In the North District where they couldn’t see, there was chaos unfolding.

The reason was that Allen ate a certain herb by mistake, which caused the inhibitor to dissolve, causing his estrus period to advance, and sent out a strong pheromone, which almost spread all over the place he was at.

The Alphas with poor resistance have lost their senses, leaving only instinctive thoughts in their minds. They all rush at Allen with ferocious faces. If Cyril hadn’t been in front, Allen would have been caught.

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It was rare that someone as calm as Cyril, under the temptation of the pheromones, his reason gradually collapsed. He shouted at Allen under pressure: “What did you eat in the end?”

“I, I don’t know.……” Alan trembled. “I don’t know its name.……but it looked precious, so I.……”

That battle made him owe Cyril a huge debt. He didn’t want to owe the other, so he wanted to pick some precious herbs for money in the process of the assessment, but his knowledge of herbal medicine came from books, so he mistakenly took herbal leaves with the same effect as dissolving agents in the process of trying it.

At this moment, his face was flushed, his eyes narrowed, and he looked at his former classmates and friends in fear. He felt as if he were burning all over, because he had lost his force and seemed to have to be slaughtered.

Cyril, who stood in front of him, struggled against his instinct. Just when he was about to collapse, he remembered something!

The sentence “you will use it sooner or later” seemed to pass through his ear again. He had no time to praise her prediction and immediately took out the sobering agent from his space button.

After the injection, his mind became much clearer, and the pressure against instinct was much lighter. He only had to concentrate on stopping the attack of the Alpha in front of him. However, as soon as his expression eased, he heard a shaking sound not far from the forest, like a giant tearing at the ground with his arms.

This was ——

Cyril’s expression changed, beast tide!

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