WFILTU Chapter 406 – Argument I

Xue Jiao’s expression was very strange, with a little emotion that Lin Yinyin couldn’t say. It was very uncomfortable.

Being stared at by her eyes, Lin Yinyin hesitated.

But soon her chin lifted slightly.

She didn’t say anything wrong. What was she afraid of?

“I already know the relationship between you and my third uncle. My third uncle likes you so much. You can certainly help me invite my third uncle out.”

Xue Jiao’s expression became more complicated: “Your third uncle likes me?”

As the words fell to the ground, her expression was unbelievable and confused, as if she didn’t believe what Lin Yinyin said.

Suddenly, Lin Yinyin glared fiercely and felt that Gu Xuejiao didn’t want to admit it.

“My third uncle is only kind to you. If you have nothing to do with my third uncle, how can he protect you so much? How can he be so close to you? Gu Xuejiao, I have photographed you and my third uncle before.……”

Xue Jiao was shocked, but it was split by something, carrying incredulousness and……fear.

She interrupted Lin Yinyin and said in a cold voice, “You can leave.”

Lin Yinyin came forward and tried to slow down her tone: “Just help me. I really want to meet my third uncle.”

Xue Jiao looked at her coldly.

Lin Yinyin’s patient temper broke out again: “Gu Xuejiao, as long as you help me meet my third uncle, I don’t know anything, otherwise.……I’ll expose that you depend on President Lin! See what the students in your school think of you!”

Lin Yinyin has a bad temper, but because of Lin Zhihua’s threat, she could only hold back her temper and please Gu Xuejiao.

Who knew that the other party didn’t acknowledge it at all. Even if she doesn’t recognize it, she still has this attitude towards her!

Where did Lin Yinyin suffer such grievances?

As soon as Lin Yinyin’s temper came up, she couldn’t help threatening Xue Jiao.

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Xue Jiao’s face became colder: “Lin Yinyin, you want me to help you, and it’s still this attitude?”

Lin Yinyin was stunned and said in surprise, “Are you willing to help me?!”

“No.” Xue Jiao looked at her and said plainly, “Didn’t you say that I had something with your third uncle? If you pester me again, I can only ask your third uncle to help suppress your family.”

“You——” Lin Yinyin stared incredulously.

“So you’d better get out now and don’t mess with me.”

Xue Jiao’s eyes were too cold. At this moment, Lin Yinyin suddenly found out——

The girl’s eyes in front of her were very similar to her little-known third uncle.

Lin Yinyin shivered, and Xue Jiao continued on while hugging her books.

She was stunned. She stood in place stupidly and didn’t dare to catch up.

The back of Xue Jiao was far from the peace she imagined.

Does Lin Zhihua like her?

Yes, he must like her. If he didn’t like it, he wouldn’t be so good to her.

But this love.……was it the same as she imagined?

Was it the love of Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong, or……

Xue Jiao was a little confused, and then recalled the fragments of her relationship with Lin Zhihua over and over again.

He was really good to her, too good that it was excessive.

He comforted her when she was ill; she was confused and he enlightened her; she didn’t understand her studies, so he explained it to her; he was on call……

Some things were fine without thinking carefully. Once it was carefully thought over, there was evidence everywhere.

So.……was it because of what Lin Yinyin said?

But what could she do?

And.……he never said it.

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  1. Wow, I was expecting a possible physical confrontation, but instead the paper wall got torn down. How will Jiao Jiao respond?

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