SOOEW Chapter 310 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXXII

The place where the beast tide passed was so loud that Cyril had to roar loudly: “Everyone summon your mecha! Withdraw to the southern defense line immediately!”

Those who could be sent to the north area were excellent military students, mainly Alpha, with about 20 people. As a vanguard force, they cleaned up the wild animals with average or medium combat effectiveness on the boundary line of the north and south area, detected and judged the strength of the wild animals in the north area this year. After the large army helped the students of the pharmacist Department finish their homework, they would officially start the elimination and cleaning activities. Therefore, they could say that they fight while retreating. In case of a beast tide, they just have to make a decision and run in the direction of the Southern District, where there was an interception and defense line under the deployment of military technology.

But now, because of the Omega’s pheromone, the Alphas have entered the stage of total loss of reason, which was almost the same as crazy beasts. Where could they separate the energy to judge the danger of the situation?

Cyril, as the leader, gave an order, but there were few responders. In a hurry, he suddenly crushed the shell of the injection and threw the broken shell of the empty sobering agent aside.

At this time, he discovered his own carelessness!

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If he had prepared enough sobering agents under Beatrice’s reminder, he could at least find an effective solution after the unrest. However, he was too confident in Allen’s self-control ability. He never thought of the possibility of losing control and did not prepare an emergency treatment plan, so he fell into such a desperate situation!

Cyril blocked his companion’s relentless attack with an elbow and couldn’t distract himself to summon a mecha.

Just then, a person shouted to him, “Captain, I’ve informed the people in the South District as you’ve ordered and asked them to come to the rescue, but according to the speed of the beast tide, I’m afraid they can’t rescue us. I apply to stop the wild beast tide ahead!” This was a Beta that stood out from Alphas in the team——a real Beta. Beta was almost unaffected by pheromones, so he has long been stunned by the situation, but he knew that now was not the time to worry about it.

Cyril asked solemnly, “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

How could one resist against the beast tide? In particular, he used an A-class mecha, that was, without the mobile assistance of intelligent AI, I’m afraid he would be submerged in the crazy tide in a moment!

“I know.” The Beta’s eyes were firm and there were no superfluous words.

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