SAPPS Chapter 53

“Congratulations to West Landing for winning 41 games in a row! ! !”

The referee succeeded in waking up Wei San. Originally, he wanted to see how this player played, but now she only saw air.

“West Landing is freaking awesome. It’s estimated that he will hit a hundred games tomorrow.”

“It’s easy to play 50 games a day at this speed.”

Fifty games……

Wei San calculated how many stars she could get if she won 50 games in a row. She couldn’t help the tears of envy in her heart. If only she had the ability.

West Landing really came for 50 games a day. As soon as he left the game, he immediately chose to continue to PK. This audience had nothing to do and followed him to the next challenge arena.

Wei San turned to the catering area and grabbed a plate of food. She was ready to watch while eating. As a result, West Landing had changed to the next challenge arena.

She followed the crowd with her plate. As usual, West Landing could solve it with one move. After watching five or six games, she lost interest. They were the same.

Was no one able to battle him in L1?

After playing so many games, he saved enough leapfrog points early. He could play so well and yet still mix in L1. She really couldn’t figure it out.

After eating the food on the plate, Wei San turned back to the lounge and went to bed, ready to get up tomorrow to PK to earn money again.


The next day, Wei San continued to enter the PK pool and was randomly assigned opponents. When the opponent saw that her mecha was concave in the east and missing a piece in the west, he was much less alert.

Such people were generally poor, have no strength and no money.

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Twenty minutes later, the other party was distracted, clutching his fragmented mecha and retarded on the stage.

“Recognized.” Before Wei San stepped down, she left a sentence, “Your mecha feels good.”

She tortured his heart rather than kill his body. The other party fainted in anger directly on the stage.

Wei San was becoming more and more skilled. She kept participating in the challenge arena and met tough opponents. However, as long as she could find a way out, she can still win. She was going to win 20 games this weekend, accumulate 3000 points, and come over next week for a leapfrog challenge.

However, life always attacked Wei San. After winning game 19, she continued to enter the PK pool and was randomly assigned: [289 challenge arena: Bowing to Life vs West Landing]

Wei San: “……”

When entering the challenge arena area, the surrounding audience and the judges on the stage were very excited, of course not for her.

“This is the 100th game of West Landing. Can he continue to win in a row? Let’s wait and see!”

Wei San: Reallu·People calculating is not as good as heaven calculating.

“Do you guys guess whether West Landing would solve it with one move or two moves this time?”

“One move, this mecha hasn’t been modified, and it’s broken.”

The audience guessed excitedly below.

The two unmodified black mecha stood on the challenge arena, but Wei San had a medium-sized mecha with an additional broken whip, and West Landing had a light mecha.

At the beginning of the game, West Landing was the first to move. He really used one move to solve Wei San.

He was very fast. However, after watching several of his games, Wei San naturally raised her vigilance to the highest point. At the moment he moved, she had stepped back to the side, and the speed was no slower than that of West Landing.

After being dodged by Wei San several times, the audience immediately coaxed: “This battle requires at least two moves.”

In the first-class cabin, West Landing looked at the opponent PKing with him, Bowing to Life.……she was the person in the challenge arena next door before.

West Landing’s finger quickly slid on the control panel, and the mecha immediately approached the other party like a ghost. The hand formed a claw to grasp her arm.

Holy Shit!

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