SOOEW Chapter 311 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXXIII

“……Ok.” Cyril stabilized his spirits, “Please.”

The Beta immediately summoned his mecha and strode towards the herd. His back left resolutely, and his posture in front of his companions was like an impregnable mountain.

However, in fact, even if this wave of beasts was also caused by the Omega’s pheromone, and the scale was not large, it still wasn’t what a class a mecha could defend against! The particle gun, light energy gun and many other weapons went into battle one by one, to barely resist the wave. Soon, the hot weapons and ammunition ran out, and he could only resist with double knives!

The beasts that were originally frightened by the hot weapons were ready to move immediately. Several escaped the blockade and ran towards the rear!

The Beta suddenly turned back, but he couldn’t split himself to save the back.

Cyril, who has been paying close attention to the movement ahead, suddenly contracted his pupil. Obviously, he could not escape from the Alpha’s siege and summoned his mecha to fight the enemy.

If his wrong decision caused irreparable losses to the team, even if he could return alive, he may not be able to get out of the shadow of defeat of this war all his life. He couldn’t imagine what would happen if he was on a real battlefield. He would not have more than a dozen people in front of him, but hundreds of millions of soldiers

There was no time for him to imagine.

The giant toothed tiger moved the fastest. It was close to them in the blink of an eye. It aimed at the prey in front of them and pounced fiercely! It grabbed the Alpha at the edge and was about to tear him apart——

In a rage, Cyril knocked out an Alpha who frantically rushed towards the Omega and called out his mecha in less than a second.

However, it took a certain amount of time to call out the mecha from the space button and then enter the mecha cabin. Even if it’s only a few seconds, it’s too late to save his companion!

When the tiger’s mouth was aimed at Alpha, sharp giant teeth on both sides, and the hanging saliva in the mouth. Suddenly, a hand stretched out from the periphery, easily grabbing one of the giant teeth and suddenly pulled it out!

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The giant toothed tiger roared with pain!

The owner of the hand raised the severed giant teeth in the sunlight, like a flash of knife light, and suddenly aimed at the weakest place of the giant toothed tiger beast and stabbed it hard!

It suddenly opened its mouth, its crazy roar suddenly stopped, and its huge body fell down!

Cyril shook in place and looked at the sudden figure——this was Swift’s mecha, with the Swift logo on the back waist. Not long ago, he gave it to a person.

“——Beatrice.” He was half way into the cockpit and stopped in mid air, stunned.

The slim and delicate girl’s mecha seems to not hear his voice. After eliminating the biggest threat, she raised her hand and carelessly bombarded several other crazy beasts with particles installed between her arms and elbows. Then she finally turned and looked at him.

“Why did you come to the north side?” He asked.

Instead of answering, she threw something at him. The light flashed like a meteor, and his long arm reached out and he received it accurately.

The crystal-like liquid flowed in the injection tube. He recognized it at a glance. His eyes were complex, “Inhibitor? Why.……”

She glanced at Allen. Even if Cyril bought him time, he couldn’t go far with his sensitive body. “I do want him to know who he is, but not on the battlefield,” she said

Her voice was as gentle as all Omega, it was invisible but very powerful, with a faint sense of embarrassment.

Not long ago, he was irritated by Beatrice’s sentence “sooner or later”, thinking that she was satirizing that he was dizzy after he met Allen, but he didn’t understand his misunderstanding of her until he met the current situation.

Seeing that she was coldly turned around to go, he immediately shouted to her, “where are you going?”

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