WFILTU Chapter 408 – Argument III

The woman was well dressed and had a good makeover. Although she had many wrinkles on her face, her skin was delicate and her makeup looked very good.

The overcoat, matching bags and jewelry were just right, exquisite and noble.

Li Sitong immediately reacted that she was a rich lady.

“Sorry, sorry.” She was busy apologizing.

Li Sitong always had a good temper outside and was determined not to cause trouble for Cheng Shuo. Although she can’t tell who bumped into who, she still decided to say sorry.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” The woman smiled brightly at her, “Younger sister, I feel a kinship when I see you!”

“Ah?” Li Sitong was stunned.

“Are you here to buy vegetables?” The other party smiled and narrowed his eyes.

Li Sitong nodded: “Yes.……”

“What a coincidence, me too. Hey, let’s go together!” The person smiled at her. Li Sitong was confused. At the same time, she was on guard.

But the woman did nothing. She just bought vegetables and also complained about her son at home——

“My son is a bad star. I can’t control him at all, and he’s almost thirty. He won’t find a partner even if he is dead!”

“He’s not too big yet. Let the child be.” Li Sitong smiled awkwardly.

The woman stared: “How can I let him do whatever? If I let him do anything, how can I hug grandchildren in my life?”

Li Sitong: “.……” she really doesn’t understand this person’s idea.

“Younger sister, you see, you have fortune in your children. Do you have children?” The woman looked at her with a smile.

This question was nothing. Li Sitong replied, “Not bad. I have one son and one daughter“

“Oh, so fortunate, you actually have a daughter. It’s not like me who only has a disobedient smelly boy.”

“It’s okay.……one saves trouble .” Li Sitong could only say so, and then took some tomatoes.

She paused and asked, “Elder sister, why don’t you buy vegetables?”

The woman was stunned and then smiled, “Buy it, buy it.”

She reached out and put a few large pieces of ginger into the bag.

Li Sitong: “.……you’re buying so much ginger?”

The woman smiled awkwardly: “just…….used for cooking.”

So much ginger for cooking? At home?

Li Sitong took two more bitter melon,, and the madam also took a lettuce, a very small one.

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Li Sitong: “.……lettuce, are there too few?”

She brought so much ginger, but only needed this amount of vegetables?

The madam was stunned. She stretched out her hand and took two more. “Is this enough?”

Li Sitong: “.……should be enough.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” The woman smiled and threw it into the cart.

Li Sitong was confused, but she didn’t ask again. She just pushed the cart forward.

The woman followed up, “How old is your daughter?”


“Ah, she’s eighteen years old already. She must attend college already. It’s time to find someone.” The woman said so.

Li Sitong stopped and said, “Only eighteen.……”

“You can be engaged!” Women were resolute and looked forward to it.

Li Sitong: “.……Ha ha ha.” She smiled awkwardly.

When she finished shopping, she ran away without stopping.

The woman looked at her back and smiled slightly from the corners of her mouth.

After a moment, she walked to a car not far from the supermarket.

“How’s it going?” Lin Changping asked.

Mother Lin shook her head: “Gu Xuejiao’s mother has a good character, but she is not prepared to take care of Gu Xuejiao’s affairs. Alas.”

Father Lin glared: “Our Lin family is.……”

“Ok, ok, the important thing is to look at Zhihua’s idea.” Mother Lin interrupted him.

“Do you think I don’t know? How long has it been? There’s no movement!” Father Lin frowned.

Mother Lin also had the same sad face, and then said after a long time: “.……how come he finally fell in love with a woman and she turned out to be a girl who just turned of age!”


When Li Sitong returned home, she forgot about it. The woman just said something to her. She

didn’t lose anything, so she didn’t think about it anymore.

But Xue Jiao was confused.

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  1. Seems like all the mice (aka Lin Zhihua’s family) are coming out of the woodwork. Given their poor social skills, I hope they don’t screw up all of his hard work in winning Jiao Jiao’s positive impression.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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  3. Madam Lin 🤦

    Seriously what are these idiots thinking? Fk. If they want a grandchild they can go and adopt one. They like tube babies soo much they can make ML a little brother or sister. Should keep the occupied too.

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