SAPPS Chapter 54

Wei San, by the time she reacted, her hand had been caught, which was bound to be thrown out of the challenge arena by West Landing. She made a quick decision, unloaded her mecha arm at a faster speed, and retreated a few meters away from him at the same time.

According to the data of underground factory’s mecha, after this period of actual competition, Wei San has basically mastered it. For example, the speed West Landing just displayed gave full play to the performance of the mecha. This was beyond her expectation.

There was also a trace of surprise in the eyes of West Landing in the aircraft mecha cabin. He didn’t know that Bowing to Life would dismantle his arm.

However, West Landing was not affected, and in the next second, he still approached Wei San at the extreme speed of mecha.

The more urgent the situation was, the more Wei San calmed down. In her eyes West Landing was very fast, but she was not as unprepared as the first time.

West Landing’s mecha finger touched Wei San’s mecha, and even left scratches on her because of their speed, but Wei San avoided it.

The audience at the bottom of the challenge arena had been stunned. This was more than three moves. Every time they thought that this Bowing to Life was going to fall in the hands of West Landing, it just so happened to miss by a tiny bit.

West Landing looked down at his hand, looked at the opponent, Bowing to Life, and showed no mercy when he shot again.

Holy shit holy shit! ! !

The other people don’t know. Wei San saw that he was adjusting the mecha to the peak with every step.

How could Wei San let him close? She manipulated the panel with her hands at a fast to fuzzy hand speed, and felt the whole body of the mecha.

At that moment, a strange balance was maintained between them.

The audience looked at the two mecha in the challenge arena, which were almost left with only residual shadows: “.……” watched in vain..

When Wei San reached the same speed as him, West Landing frowned. As expected, the underground factory had crouching tigers, hidden dragons, even level L1.……had such people?

The more Wei San hid, the more she felt something was off. She always felt that the attack on the opposite side was getting heavier and heavier, which she couldn’t bear.

If he caught her and punched her casually, wouldn’t this mecha be scrapped? How much would she have to spend on the mecha then? If she lost this game, at most she couldn’t get the 20000 star coins and would be deducted 100 points.

A few thoughts flashed in her mind. In the next second, Wei San escaped from the challenge arena and shouted, “I admit defeat!”

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West Landing who just listed Bowing to Life as a master: “.……?”

The audience was also confused by the coquettish operation of Wei San. They were just excited that West Landing had met his opponent. As a result, Bowing to Life immediately took the initiative to leave the challenge arena and admit defeat. What’s this?

The referee came up to announce that West Landing won. He came out of the mecha and looked at the person who also put away the mecha under the stage. By the way, he approached the challenge arena and touched the mecha arm: “What’s the matter with you?”

The other party suddenly took the initiative to admit defeat, and West Landing could only guess that she had something to do temporarily.

“I’m fine, but I can’t beat you.” Wei San looked as if she didn’t care about her face at all.

What was face? Could she eat it?

West Landing came down from the challenge arena. The cold light in the arena shone on his silver mask. There was a strange sense of simplicity: “You haven’t moved just now.”

Wei San hasn’t hit back. The only thing she did was to unload her arm.

“I can’t win even if I fight.” Wei San thought that after they started fighting, she would not say whether she would win or lose, but her mecha must be repaired. She wouldn’t do anything that was not worthy.

West Landing stared at this Bowing to Life for a long time, not sure whether the other party was telling the truth or didn’t want to expose their strength.

“Let’s add friends.” Finally, West Landing took the initiative.

Wei San didn’t refuse. The underground factory has its own communication application and could add people.

“Are you still competing today?” West Landing asked her.

“Not competing.”

Damocles Military Academy has an entrance guard on Sunday and she must go back in advance.

West Landing nodded: “I hope we can compete when we have another chance.”

Wei San looked at the back of the departing West Landing. It turned out that this was a warmonger.

This time she didn’t get enough points, and Wei San didn’t care. It was lucky that the mecha was not damaged when she met West Landing. Fortunately, she admitted defeat quickly.

Before returning to school, Wei San also went to the free food area and stuffed her pockets with all kinds of packaged snacks. Only then did she leave contentedly.

She couldn’t help it. It could save at least one day’s meal.


On the first day of the new week, Wei San was called to the office by the teacher.

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