SOOEW Chapter 312 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXXIV

“That Beta can’t hold on. I’ll help him.” With that, the mecha flapped its wings like an elf and swept towards the animal tide like a high wind.

The Beta’s hard support has been like a leaf knocked down by the storm and shaking in the air. Wen Ying expected that they must have applied for rescue, so they were not stingy about the use of heat weapons. The roar was extremely accurate and brave. It was almost impossible to see that an Omega did it!

Driven by her, the Beta rekindled hope and his fighting action became fierce again!

Of course, Wen Ying’s experience was far from enough to support a battle against the crazy beast tide. It was Chris’s spiritual strength that gave full play to the advantages of the S-class mecha.

After many times of cooperation, the two have already had a full tacit understanding. In the eyes of outsiders, the girl-type mecha had quite a fierce offensive. The body method of moving up and down was smooth, and the fierce fire created rolled up into a hurricane. The angry crazy beast has no room to resist. Under her attack, the animal blood splashed and people’s blood surged!

Not far away, Cyril had lost the inhibitor to Allen. Although Allen was weak, it was not that he didn’t even have the strength to inject an injection.

He himself entered the mecha cabin, knocked out all the Alpha who were entangled and fighting, and cleaned up the “fish out of the net” who escaped by any means in the crazy herd until the emergence of rescue workers.

At the southern security station, Wen Ying thanked the Beta for the hot water he poured for her, took a sip and smiled at him. The male Beta turned red and pressed back his curious eyes. In order to show respect, he failed to ask her the question “Why does an Omega have a mecha and appear in the North District”.

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His eyes turned to his captain.

Cyril’s image changed from the past. After the battle, he looked very embarrassed. His usual meticulous blond hair fell disorderly, and a few strands covered his eyes, which made him very uncomfortable. He picked and combed his hair again and again. It was obviously a great blow to him this time, but the sharpness is still there. As soon as Beta looked at him, he looked back.

The Beta immediately understood and said, “I’ll go and check on Allen first…….” and left busily.

After he left, the lounge fell into a stagnant atmosphere and was extremely silent.


A low, remorseful voice sounded, and the expression on his face looked like it was in a trance. After a while, he stabilized and continued: “Also, thank you for the sobering agent.”

A rustle of friction came from the side. It turned out that Wen Ying got up and walked to him.

Cyril drooped his eyelids and could almost imagine her sarcastic smile and dialogue, just like when she threw him the sobering agent. But when he raised his head, before he could see her expression, he saw her bend down, bend over his arm and fasten his loosened bandage again.

Her fingertips were a little cold. Inadvertently touching his warm skin and making people can’t help but draw their attention.

“Bi’er.” He called her in a low voice, which was different from the alienation in the past. It was a real tenderness from the heart. There were many things he wanted to ask her. But at this moment, he suddenly didn’t want to ask.

“What do you plan to do?” Instead, she opened her mouth.


She only said the word “Allen” and made him understand.

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