WFILTU Chapter 409- Argument IV

Ever since Lin Zhihua admitted that he liked her, it was difficult for Xue Jiao to calm down.

She didn’t even know what she was feeling. She was confused, ashamed and flustered.

“Ding Ding Ding——” the phone rang again.

Xue Jiao didn’t need to see to know it was Lin Zhihua. She knew it was Lin Zhihua. She buried her head in the quilt and turned over. She didn’t dare to answer.

At the other end of the phone Lin Zhihua listened to the sound of “Dudu”, and his eyes gradually became lonely.

Xue Jiao was a tortoise. Although she seemed calm and steady, her EQ was very low, not only very low, but she was also very afraid of feelings.

Whether it’s family, friendship or love.

In fact, she was not cold at all, but she always placed a wall to block others out.

He had thought of subtle influences and using step by step. He didn’t know that he would be punctured by Lin Yinyin in advance!

It was rare that Lin Zhihua also panicked. He could calculate everyone in the world, but it was difficult to calculate himself and the people he loved.

Xue Jiao’s feelings for him……

He himself doesn’t know what it was like.

“Chen Yan!” Lin Zhihua shouted loudly.


Lin Zhihua spoke coldly, “Help me make an appointment with Lin Sheng’s family. Remember, it’s the entire family. Don’t they want to see me? Then let’s have a good meeting!”

Chen Yan: “.……yes.”

Then, he respectfully left.

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The boss was now a tiger in rage. Whoever came up would be bitten.

As for Lin Yinyin?

Oh, Chen Yan just sent three words——

Wait to die.

Lin Zhihua stopped calling. Xue Jiao covered her face and howled in a low voice——

“What to do? What to do! !”

She was really frightened and disturbed by all kinds of thoughts running around in her heart. She didn’t dare to face Lin Zhihua at all.

Xue Jiao was like a shrinking turtle. She dared not go out except to write her paper and stayed at home in a daze.

Over there, Lin Sheng, Xu Jiaohong and Lin Yinyin were led into the door of the Lin family.

Lin Sheng and Xu Jiaohong walked side by side behind Tan Qi, feeling uneasy.

“Husband.……why did Lin Zhihua suddenly want to meet us?” Xu Jiaohong’s voice was uneasy.

Lin Sheng shook his head and was confused.

Behind them, Lin Yinyin shivered. She didn’t know why. She felt very flustered……

Was it related to Xue Jiao?

After Lin Sheng and Xu Jiaohong entered the Lin gate, they were even more frightened.

The atmosphere of such a large company was completely different from that of their small company. The people inside did not squint and were orderly.

Without saying a word, Tan Qi took them directly to the top floor.

“Assistant Tan.……” Lin Sheng smiled pleasantly. “Do you know why Zhihua asked for us?”

He called Zhihua. He also wanted to claim a closer relationship to Lin Zhihua and fool Tan Qi.

Tan Qi’s IQ was not necessarily high compared with Lin Zhihua and Chen Yan, but if he could be fooled by people like Lin Sheng, he wouldn’t be able to stand here today.

“Wouldn’t you know when you go up.” Tan Qi’s tone was neither salty nor light.

Lin Sheng and Xu Jiaohong looked at each other and dared not speak again.

“You a——” Lin Yinyin couldn’t help but scold subconsciously.

“Lin Yinyin!” Lin Sheng was fierce, and Xu Jiaohong pulled at her and glared at her.

Lin Yinyin was stunned and shut up.

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