WFILTU Chapter 410- Argument V

Tan Qi brought the three upstairs and sat them upon the sofa in the waiting room. Tan Qi immediately turned and went out. No one even poured them a cup of water.

“Husband.……” Xu Jiaohong opened her mouth.

If Lin Sheng couldn’t see their attitude still, then he would be blind.

No one even poured them a glass of water. Whether it was Lin Zhihua’s direct attitude or the speculation of his subordinates, it could be seen that Lin Zhihua’s attitude towards them was definitely not good.

“We didn’t do anything right?” Xu Jiaohong opened her mouth.

That’s right, since they offended Lin Zhihua in the Lin family’s old house last time, they have never come out to get involved in affairs. Even if Lin Zhihua broke their previous interests, they didn’t say a word.

At this time, Lin Yinyin trembled.

Lin Sheng noticed and frowned: “Lin Yinyin, you didn’t do anything to offend your third uncle right?”

His voice was serious, his eyes widened.

Xu Hongjiao interrupted: “She is just a child. How can she offend Lin Zhihua? She can’t even see him.”

Lin Yinyin didn’t speak. She only dared to open her mouth and shut it silently.

She shrunk her neck and was afraid Lin Zhihua found them because of Gu Xuejiao.


She didn’t do anything to Gu Xuejiao. How could it be!

Lin Yinyin kept comforting herself.

At this time, Tan Qi and another assistant respectfully opened the door on both sides.

Lin Sheng and the three immediately looked over.

Tan Qi and another man stood respectfully on both sides of the door. A tall man with a great aura walked in.

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He was dressed in a black suit with an expressionless face. He walked quickly. He came over in a few steps and sat down opposite them.

He tilted his legs, pulled on his tie, and stared at them with sharp eyes.

The three could not help sitting upright.

“Lin.……President Lin.……” he didn’t shout out the two words Zhihua, but this respectful title instead.

Lin Zhihua swept the three people, and then his sharp eyes stopped on Lin Yinyin——

“Go ahead and speak. You tried your best to find me. What do you want?”

His voice was flat, but it was so calm that the three felt a strong sense of oppression.

“No no……” Lin Sheng stammered.

Lin Zhihua sneered: “No? Then how did your precious daughter go find my person?”

My person!

Lin Yinyin’s pupils shrank, it was really because of Gu Xuejiao! !

“No, I didn’t threaten her. I just begged her to take me to see you, third uncle.……” Lin Yinyin said hurriedly.

She took it for granted that Xue Jiao complained and must have said bad things.

“Threatened?” Lin Zhihua raised his brows.

Then he picked up the thing near his hand and smashed it.



Lin Yinyin couldn’t help screaming. The things only hit her from the side and didn’t touch her. The wind lifted her shallow hair on the edge of her forehead and scared her heart like it was going to jump out.

Thump, thump, thump.

There was only her own heartbeat in her ears.

“You’re really good, even threatening people.” Lin Zhihua looked at her and spoke coldly.

Lin Sheng understood that it was his daughter who decided to recruit the wrong person!

At this moment, Lin Sheng wanted to kill this daughter that dragged his back leg!

“Zhihua, sor.……” Lin Sheng said hurriedly.

Lin Zhihua lifted his hand, looked at him and said coldly, “Isn’t your company going bankrupt?”

Lin Sheng was stunned and looked at Lin Zhihua foolishly.

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  1. Isn’t your company going bankrupt? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore – now it is bankrupt.

    Didn’t do anything wrong? Well, you did raise your daughter into a waste.

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