SAPPS Chapter 55

Xiang Minghua held Wei San’s schedule in his hand: “Explain this to me.”

“Teacher, you packed it too full for me.”

Xiang Minghua looked at the sincere student in front of him. His head was big. He brought this class for the first time. Fortunately, the students were obedient and self-conscious. As a result, a student acted individually again and again: “So you deleted your schedule?”

“There are still two classes here.” Wei San pointed to the fighting and shooting lessons on her schedule, “and I usually go to the simulation room for training.”

“Simulation room? Really?” Xiang Minghua looked at Wei San suspiciously. Why does he think she doesn’t attend class to be lazy.

“Nie Haoqi often goes with me. Regarding last week, you* can ask him.”

*formal form of you

Under the pressure of Xiang Minghua, Wei San still chose two more classes: “At least basic credits should be obtained.”

Wei San, who originally wanted to choose another course later, had to choose now to save the teacher from looking for her again.

After the prickly student left, Xiang Minghua was still frustrated. He looked down and inadvertently scanned Wei San’s curriculum. Suddenly, he saw that the shooting class was led by Chen Ci.

Chen Ci was always the leader in the A-level. She stayed behind to teach, and the students brought out were also very excellent.

Xiang Minghua had nothing to do. She simply goes to Chen Ci to ask how the prickly student did last week.

Chen Ci just finished his class and saw Xiang Minghua coming to her. She thought something had happened.

“I brought an class A. A student came to your class last week. I want to ask how she was doing.” Xiang Minghua went straight to the point.

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Although Chen Ci was surprised that he would come to her for an A-grade student, he still asked, “What’s their name?”

“Wei San, she’s quite the prick.” Xiang Minghua spoke casually, “She only chose shooting and fighting classes for her empty schedule.”

When Chen Ci heard the name, his eyebrows moved: “She’s really a prick.”

Xiang Minghua’s mouth was drawn, and Chen Ci was able to comment on the prick in his last class. It seems that Wei San’s ability to cause trouble was not small.

“She pointed a gun at me in class and led other students to shoot at me.” Chen Ci thought about that chaotic class, “Her psychological quality is good and her brain is flexible.”

“Take a gun to you.……” Xiang Minghua was shocked. “And still bringing other students?”

There was no anger to be seen on Chen Ci’s face. Instead, he smiled and said, “This student of yours is a shameless student. She used the time when those students surrounded me, so that they would have to attack me.”

Xiang Minghua recalled Wei San’s various actions and couldn’t help agreeing: “She really has a thick skin.”

“It’s good to have a thick skin. There are too many honest students in our school. They can’t afford to lose face and always suffer losses.” Chen Ci sighed, “The competition is almost over.”

Speaking of this, Xiang Minghua was silent for a while: “Kids should just try their best, but ask for no regrets.”

The cheeky Wei San, who was evaluated by the two teachers, was video calling with Tai Wude.

“Wei San, I tell you, the people in our Imperial Military Academy are too powerful.” Tai Wude’s face was excited. He was much thinner than before.


“I’m showing you the S-grade competition in our school!” Tai Wude contacted Wei San purely to show off, “Isn’t it freaking awesome? !”

Wei San looked at the two competing mecha opposite. A red mecha swooped down like an eagle and attacked the purple mecha below with an irresistible force. In her eyes, the purple mecha just floated back a few steps and turned into an attack.

Grade S……

Wei San’s eyes fell on the two mecha. The A-grade mecha she had seen was like a toy.

“S-grade mecha! Wei San, I tell you, each of them is piled up by countless amounts of money, and there is an exclusive mecha division behind them.” Tai Wude sucked his nose and suddenly felt sad, “They are completely two worlds away from us.”

Wei San was stunned and said faintly, “I’ll make one for you after you pay in the future.”

“Continue bullshitting!” Tai Wude didn’t believe it at all. “Grade A is still possible, but do you know what grade S means?”

Wei San really doesn’t know. There were no books about the S-grade mechas in the library.

After hanging up her communication, Wei San was stunned for a while.

Nie Haoqi came to the simulation room with Wei San after class. Seeing her standing still, he shouted, “Wei San, let’s go.”

Wei San thought again: “Do we have an S-grade mecha in our school?”

Nie Haoqi looked at her strangely: “Of course there is, Teacher Xiang uses an S-grade mecha.”

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