SOOEW Chapter 313 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXXV

When the rescuers arrived, the scene was filled with Omega pheromones that could not be completely dispersed, and the Alphas with obvious estrous responses. Even if Allen had been able to cover himself up well after injecting the inhibitor, the Alphas were only out of control for a while, not amnesiac. In addition, the occurrence of things must give a complete explanation to the college, therefore, Allen could no longer study in the military department, and was likely to be transferred to Omega’s exclusive college.

But with the power of the Scott family, it’s not impossible for him to force things down, so what she asked was his attitude.

He shook his head and said, “I’ll report up truthfully.”

She didn’t have any happy reaction, just a simple “en”, which stunned him. Then he heard her say, “the situation with me operating the mecha, you are not allowed to tell others, especially the Clark family.”

Just in the North District, she flew back to the rear in the space where the rescuers would arrive, and withdrew from the mecha, so she was not noticed by the rescuers.

Otherwise, no matter whether she was saving people or not, an Omega controlling the mecha and stopping the beast tide would cause an uproar in the society. As for the result, it was likely that the mecha would be confiscated and she would have to accept the marriage ahead of time.

Cyril naturally thought of what she thought. If it was before that, he probably thought that marriage was more important to her than the operation of mecha, but now——he quickly agreed.

Cyril realized for the first time that Omega could operate like this, or Beatrice was an amazing exception.

Although due to Cyril’s reasons, the participating Alpha did not spread the specific story, and the students of the Free Federal College still did not know about this incident, but Allen has already realized how much his fault would affect life.

Before Cyril wrote a report and fed it back to the college level, he found him and begged him to hide it for himself.

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He hesitated and said, “You said that if I wanted, you would be my choice.……”

In fact, he has decided that his gender of Omega cannot be changed. Instead of using inhibitors all the time, it was better to find an Alpha marker. After the marker, the problem of oestrus can also be solved. What’s more, this time, he couldn’t stay based on just his own strength.

He was not willing to fight all the way up to now, but he still couldn’t escape the end of marrying and having children.

“Allen.” Cyril looked at his eyes and became very strange, quite straightforward. “I always appreciated your intelligence and fighting spirit, but I don’t want you to use the wrong method or become a choice forced by helplessness. If you haven’t realized the problem after this happened, I think I need to consider whether you are suitable to walk side by side with me.”

Alan suddenly looked up and looked at him incredulously.

Seeing that he was devastated, Cyril eased his tone and said, “.……you should be quiet first and think about what to do next. I will delay submitting the report for one day and give you time.” After getting along for some time, when the other party fell into a trough, although he decided to report truthfully, it does not mean that he would be aggressive at this juncture.

Seeing his tough attitude, Allen had to bite his teeth and leave.

Cyril wrote two lines after he left, then stopped writing and rubbed his forehead. There were thousands of thoughts in his mind. The most replayed thing was that Beatrice appeared in a hurry and defeated the giant toothed tiger.

He suddenly thought of something, took out the space button and connected his soul piece with the light brain.

The picture flashed, showing her flying to the herd and the subsequent battle scene. He was busy dealing with the rear and didn’t have time to see it, so he asked the intelligent AI to record this scene.

His eyes were like the deep blue sea. He looked at the people in the picture with unprecedented tenderness and focused on her every move.

However, the more he looked back, the more he felt it was wrong. All her actions coincided more and more with another person. He suddenly held his breath and recalled the person’s battle scene to match.

Soon, 89% of the height coincided, showing a dazzling red.

“Cinderella! ?” He jumped to his feet.


Small theater:

Chris: Cind something erella, isn’t she like me?

Cyril: ……

Chris: I taught honey by hand! If she’s not like me, who would she be like? !

Cyril: (Looking at the air) Sorry, who are you?

Wen Ying: Hhhhhh Ch˙No sense of existence˙ris!

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