SAPPS Chapter 56

Teacher Xiang had an S-grade mecha?

Wei San finally responded: “Then does that mean that there are S-grade mecha fighters?” Before, Jin Ke said he was an S-grade commander,but she didn’t care too much about it. She just wondered when the command department came out with another grade.

Nie Haoqi looked at Wei San with unspeakable eyes: “Our military academy not only has S-grade mecha fighters, but also S-grade mecha engineering division and S-grade commander division.”

He always thought that Wei San was too strange. She even dared to face Teacher Xiang from the beginning. Her performance could only be described as “reckless”. It turned out that she didn’t know anything.

People from unknown stars faced the problem of unequal docking of resources, so normal students will start to actively understand all kinds of situations after coming to the military academy. For example, Nie Haoqi, in addition to training hard, spent every night on the campus network and memorized all kinds of information.

Wei San doesn’t know Teacher Xiang’s gossip. Why doesn’t she even know grade S? What has she done in school for so long?

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“So there’s an S grade above A grade?” Wei San asked.

“.……don’t you usually surf the campus Internet?” Nie Haoqi dared to guarantee that there was only Wei San in the whole school who didn’t know that there was an S grade above A grade.

“Surf.” But Wei San has a habit of only looking at what she wants to see. “Teacher Xiang has an S-grade mecha, so he.……is an S-grade perceptual mecha fighter?”

Mentioning this matter, Nie Haoqi looked around, then whispered: “That’s right, Teacher Xiang only taught S-grade students, but something happened, so he was sent to our A-grade.”

This was also why Xiang Minghua felt that other students were easy to bring except Wei San. Everyone had an extremely admirable attitude towards S-grade teachers.

“How many classes are there for the S-grade mecha fighters?”

Nie Haoqi: “.……S-grade is not a big turnip that can be seen everywhere. All grades in our school can’t add up to one class. They are basically the future leaders of the military region. It seems that there are only two S-grade mecha soldiers in our freshmen year.”


Wei San couldn’t help thinking of Jin Ke: “What about the S-level commander?”

“One, there is only one S-class mecha command.” Nie Haoqi said without hesitation, “These two are more precious than any mecha soldiers.”

Wei San tutted. She didn’t expect Jin Ke to be so powerful now.

“The S-level commander among the freshmen this year is said to have come from an unknown star.” When Nie Haoqi mentioned this, he couldn’t help feeling dejected. He was also from an unknown star, but he was just an ordinary A-level.



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