SOOEW Chapter 314 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXXVI

After Wen Ying returned from Randall star, she classified the picked herbs into categories. The most important thing was to put them away first and take them out again when needed. In fact, in the original track of the story, many years later, someone studied in the direction of eliminating pheromones, but he stopped at the most critical place. He encountered a barrier that he failed to overcome in his life.

However, since Wen Ying has said such words, it was not aimless. With the experience of her predecessors, she will stand on the shoulders of giants to see the world. At least she would not encounter too many difficulties in the front section of the road, and the key to the solution was that she needed “spiritual light” to borrow. Although it could not be guaranteed, at least she had the opportunity to implement it.

Chris couldn’t help watching her focus on the great cause of scientific research. If at first he just thought she studied very seriously, then after knowing the purpose of her doing these things, he couldn’t help but have a subtle emotion. Before that, whether it was the aura added by the Ackerman family, his long experience, or the identity of Alpha, he felt like it was a love towards small animals when facing her.

This was not a derogatory statement, but he was willing to tolerate her, care about her and indulge her. Although he appreciated her talent, he would still be in the role of an adult and treat her every move, word and deed with a very rational state.

Therefore, she hoped that he would teach her mecha skills, and he would teach her. She judged that his behavior was “betrayal”, that is, then he betrayed. His ideas followed her, but it did not mean that he was moved and persuaded by her. It was just a kind of politeness and connivance in the face of people who were not so familiar with each other but was appreciated by him.

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But now he looked at her in a different way.

He understood that she was different from every Omega he had ever met. Even talented people such as Allen could not compare with her because of his harsh growing environment. She spent a lot of time on medicine, not to mention her hard work and talent.

Such a person was enough to make him three points shorter and look at her with a slightly admiring sight.

But obviously, his too hot eyes did not move Wen Ying, but hindered her research, so she said,

“If you have nothing to do, you might as well do me a favor.”

“With pleasure!”

“… You connect to the star network and help me see the situation on Cyril’s side.” In her constant firm expression, a little hesitation appeared, “He said he will truthfully report Allen’s situation, but I haven’t seen any relevant reports these two days. If an Omega appears in the military department of the Free Federal College, it should cause waves in the society. However, they may also be treated coldly by the College…”

Chris didn’t expect to accept such a task. He couldn’t help asking: “… Are you paying so much attention to this matter in order to maintain order?”

“No, I’m not a public order policeman who takes maintaining order and justice as the principle.” She was amused and put down the medicine in her hand. “Relax, don’t take me as a great public intellectual just because I told such a big truth. I want to see if Cyril will go back on his word. He promised me.”

The last sentence she stressed made Chris’s heart sink suddenly.

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