SAPPS Chapter 57

Nie Haoqi looked at Wei San, who was not surprised at all. He felt that he did not popularize science in place: “Only three aristocratic families can create S-grade commanders every year. Even if they are not from these three families, their family background is either rich or expensive. It is the first time for an unknown star to create an S-grade commander in the Federation.”

The Command position requires a holistic view, which was one of the important reasons why unknown stars cannot command. Without the vision accumulated by corresponding resources, it was difficult to create a good commander, let alone an S-level commander.

“The Jin Ke family is very rich.” Wei San said calmly, estimating that the garbage collection and treatment business in the whole Federation is now monopolized by the Jin family.

“Do you know Jin Ke?” Nie Haoqi asked strangely. People who didn’t even know grade S just now actually knew the name of grade S commander in the freshmen class.

Wei San answered and said: “He and I are both from Star 3212.”

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Nie Haoqi: “?” Is your Star 3212 so strong?

He didn’t know that he had subconsciously placed Wei San above other A-levels.

“You say, can I operate the S-grade mecha?” Wei San asked thoughtfully. She was now interested in S-grade mecha.

“Impossible.” Nie Haoqi thought about it all. “A-grade perceptual mecha soldier using an S-grade mecha is like not wanting your life. As soon as you connect, you will be covered by huge data. If you can’t receive it, your brain will be damaged. You cannot process that data unless your perception reaches S-grade.”

“Really?” Wei San thought that when Xiang Minghua called her this morning, he had a mecha necklace hanging around his neck, which seemed no different from theirs. If she could get it and have a look……

“It’s time for training.” Nie Haoqi shouted for her to enter the simulation training room, “You’ll know if you visit the campus network more yourself in the future.”

Today, Wei San didn’t go online with Nie Haoqi, but chose the single person training mode of underwater shooting.

As soon as she entered the simulation world, she felt the power of water pressure. The mecha has a certain degree of waterproof and pressure resistance, but the time is limited. Therefore, in a short time, Wei San must complete the task given by the simulation world, that is, shoot 100 red fish.

The size of the red fish was very small. Except for that little red, you can hardly see anything underwater. Wei San stabilized the mecha first, observed where there were red spots, and hit one after another.

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