SOOEW Chapter 315 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXXVII

When she was doing experiments, she didn’t like to be disturbed by people. In her words, it affected her “flash of enlightenment”. But now, it was clear that she was in the middle of her experiment, and the reason for shifting her mood was Cyril.

He couldn’t help thinking of the question she had left off last time.

But his greatest advantage and disadvantage was that when he had doubts in his heart, he would try his best to understand them clearly.

So he asked, “Do you like Cyril?”

This time, of course, she answered very quickly, “Otherwise? Can I still like you?”

“Of course, he’s not as good as me.”

“En?” She was obviously stunned, then her eyes curved and she couldn’t help laughing. “Don’t kid anymore. Ah, although you said you were human, it seems to me that you are a foggy ball, or do you prefer the state of a small metal bracelet?”

Neither of it was human, and they don’t have the feeling of their hearts beating.

It has to be said that her outspoken words immediately awakened Chris, who had a big dream of spring. He remembered that he was still hiding in the soul piece. He only felt that he was shot hard and blood flowed.

He jumped up immediately. “You search! Chris ˙ Ackerman! I’m sure there are a lot of pictures of me. Wu, I also won the honor medal for top students of the Free Federal college. That time, I finally fought against Cyril, and he still failed to beat me. ” He said proudly.

If he hadn’t heard her, he almost forgot that he hadn’t been able to tell her his real identity thus far. At first, it  was out of consideration for his own safety. Later, he was used to getting along with her in a completely strange state, so he didn’t want to deliberately remind her, even if it would delay his return.

But now, he must stand up and say it!

“Chris˙Ackerman? ” She repeated.

“That’s right!”

The name he had always hated was so sweet in her mouth that he wanted to enter it into her mind, replace Cyril’s frequency, and immediately erect a glorious, great and reliable image of a man!

“Ah, I know.……” she said slowly under his happy mood, “that ten thousand year repeater.”

Chris: “? ? ?”

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“It was said that he has not passed the college examination, so he has not graduated from the lower grade.”

Chris: “……”

“When I was a child, you danced a bear dance with me. Calling me big bear big bear. Maybe you have forgotten.”

Chris: “……”

Mom, I choose to die.

Because Wen Ying is addicted to the study of medicine, even mecha exercise is first thrown aside. So eager to verify, Cyril went online to find someone, yet he couldn’t wait for “Cinderella with submachine gun” to go online.

He couldn’t believe that the two people would be the same person. Cinderella was the absolute strong one in his heart. Most people guessed that she was Alpha. Beatrice was a playmate in his childhood. An Omega, who was weak and pitiful, he would never believe that they were the same person if he had not just experienced a battle with her and seen her kill after seeing blood. The huge contrast brought people an unprecedented feeling.

Even if Beatrice was very strong in blocking the beast tide, he couldn’t help thinking that it’s because of the help of the Beta, or that she drove an excellent S-grade mecha, and she hasn’t been fighting against the enemy for a long time, etc. The inherent idea for many years has been impacted. There are always various reasons to convince himself that it is false, and then repeatedly reminded by the facts. At this stage, he learned that she is likely to be Cinderella……

The repeated “truths” hit him out of breath.

He was so shocked that for a moment, even the report was forgotten by him.

But——apart from his surprise, he also felt bad in his heart. If they were the same person, but she didn’t tell him herself, what was his position in her heart? So he hesitated to ask her. He would rather go to Cinderella for confirmation than send her a text message.

When he couldn’t find Cinderella, he thought of the training hall under the Swift family. He connected the call and told the person responsible: “Send me a copy of all Cinderella’s information, especially her login port.”

This meant that he wanted to check the real person behind.

The person in charge was surprised and said after a long time: “……alright.”

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