SAPPS Chapter 58

The patrol inspection teacher of the simulation training room sat in front of the large optical brain and started browsing from the No. 1 training room to prevent problems in the training rooms. After a while, his eyes stopped on the training room data.

[Quest: underwater shooting, difficulty: five stars, additional conditions: five stars, pain: 100%]

The teacher shook their head. It was unknown which S-grade student came to train, and actually raised the pain to 100%. It was probably one of the two S-grade freshmen.

Wei San didn’t know that she was about to face a great disaster. As a former engineer, she didn’t like reading the manual very much and preferred to draw experience from practical operation. Therefore, setting up the simulated world is completely random. According to her obsessive-compulsive disorder, if she could hit all the stars then she should hit all the stars. She doesn’t know what it meant.

The red fish was very alert. It would swim away if there was even a little movement. Wei San tried several times. As long as the mecha caused the water to flow a little, the red fish wouldn’t know where it jumped to.

It took a long time to hit 20 fishes. Wei San simply found a place to lie down, continued to observe the surrounding red fish, and shot at the red spot as soon as she saw it.

After hitting more than a dozen, the red fish suddenly began to jump around. Wei San thought they were frightened by her exquisite shooting skills, and took this opportunity to shoot more than 20.

This training task was a little simple. This idea just flashed through the heart of Wei San, and suddenly her scalp was numb.

She turned her head and looked back. A big mouth had bitten her.


Wei San’s soul was scared. At that moment, she discovered  the feeling she had when PKing against West Landing. All her senses were mobilized, and the mecha jumped faster than the red fish.


The bloody mouth closed hard and made a clear sound. It’s not hard to believe that if Wei San was bitten just now, it’s estimated that even the person’s mecha would be broken in two.

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It was a big fish. From the outside, it looked like a combination of whale and shark. It was big and fierce.

This was not the end. The two other big fish with the same ferocity swam over. All the targets were Wei San.


Wei San tried her best to swim out. The three big fish followed her, she couldn’t hide from them, and she couldn’t out swim them. Finally, she had to stop at top speed. The three big fish couldn’t control their movements accurately for a moment, and swam forward a lot.

In addition to the shooting gun, her mecha weapon is only the light knife and whip. At this time, the whip must not be used. Shooting.……Wei San still wanted to complete her task.

Thus she could only use her light knife.

Taking advantage of the flexibility and smaller size of the mecha, Wei San jumped under the belly of the big fish and opened it with her light knife.

She used ten percent of her strength for the knife.

Then.……the light blade turned.

Wei San became stupid. What the fuck was this fish?

The big fish was angered by her, and the fins slapped wildly. At the same time, the other two big fish found her trace and tore it over.

Wei San was blocked by the three fish. The light knife was broken and could only sink quickly. At this time, the pressure of water was heavier and heavier on her.

It was beyond her ability.

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