SOOEW Chapter 316 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXXVIII

“That’s right.” He paused slightly, and his voice dropped imperceptibly. There were two points of his tone becoming unknowingly soft, “If she goes online, tell me immediately.”


After the other party hung up the communication, the person in charge suddenly felt worried. Although young master Cyril seemed to appreciate Cinderella very much, yet he didn’t display signs of wanting to see her. Remembering last time, he said that the other party was likely to be the illegitimate child of a family and would involve a lot of trouble. Don’t get involved? If it’s useless to the Swift family, why should he take the time to discover the other’s true identity?

Suddenly, the person in charge thought of a creepy fact——young master Cyril, was this…….online love? !

Cyril didn’t know the person in charge’s slander after seeing his abnormal state  and after obtaining her star network information, the Swift family had enough authority to check the family members below the super star. While waiting for the information to be verified, he received an anonymous message.

After opening it, there was an audio message.

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“Why did you take Allen’s inhibitor away at the time?”

“You want to make inhibitors that surpass your predecessors……so for Allen who wants to break the rules like you……”

“What I want to make is not an inhibitor……if his identity was exposed……who would sympathize with Omegas? The emergence of pheromones and the classification of ABO are the root of the real problem……we must get rid of the same copulation instinct as beasts……”

He knew Beatrice’s voice as soon as he heard it, but the content of it greatly refreshed his cognition.

He could not imagine how she would feel when he thought she was jealous, selfish and even threatened her to keep secrets for Allen.

Alphas has always been arrogant. In addition to the social environment, pheromones also accounted for part of the reasons, but arrogance, such as Cyril, also realized that he couldn’t compare with Omega on this issue.

Cyril suddenly couldn’t sit still and wanted to find her.

He sat in the magnetically levitated car and happened to hear the end of the audio. It was not Beatrice’s voice, but from a man who seemed to send it to him.

“Hey, rival, I’m reluctant to let you listen to this collection of words, but I’m not very happy to see that stupid you misunderstand her like stupid me. Are you surprised after listening? Do you think that being an Alpha is not as good as an Omega in the overall view? If you have this idea, congratulations, you haven’t jumped out of the shackles of ABO. Give up, you don’t deserve her. Oh, of course, that doesn’t mean I deserve her…….anyway, don’t come to see her until you’ve dealt with what you promised to do. Thank you. “

The tone and habit of this nonsense were vaguely familiar.

In the laboratory, Wen Ying looked at the bright blue injection in her hand and said nothing.

“What’s the matter?”

“There’s no experimental body……” She frowned. She felt that the medicine was not perfect, but if no one described the feeling after injection, it was obvious that the medicine could not be perfect.

Chris suggested, “Why don’t you find a white mouse……Beatrice!”

He was shocked to see her give herself a shot, and her actions were more decisive than when she stabbed the giant toothed tiger with the tiger teeth.

She replied “Just in time, my estrus is coming. I’ll try it first.”

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