WFILTU Chapter 415 – Kiss IV

After Xue Jiao ran back, she dared not go out again.

Lin Zhihua didn’t bother her during this time, but he sent a text message every morning and evening, and a video call in the evening.

Fortunately, he no longer said anything to make her heart beat faster. Just like before, he only said good night, or cared about the current situation of her paper.

But it was different from before. He would occasionally spit out a sentence——

I miss you.

Every time she heard these four words, Xue Jiao always tossed and turned at night, and then she had to admit it——

She also seemed to miss.

But Xue Jiao still couldn’t summon up the courage to see him.

Because she knew.……if she went to see him, it counted as.……she promised him.

Xue Jiao was still afraid and hesitant to accept the great change from “mentor” to “boyfriend”.

Fortunately, the writing of the paper took away most of Xue Jiao’s energy and didn’t think about it all day.


Seven days passed so slowly.

The first draft of Xue Jiao’s paper was just finished, and the New Year was approaching. She promised to give the first draft to Professor Tan before the year ends.

The workload was still large. She has been typing with her computer recently.

On the 27th day of the twelfth lunar month, Xue Jiao received a phone call.

“Wei, Jiajia, what’s the matter?”

Mai Jiajia’s voice on the other end of the phone was worried: “Jiao Jiao, please contact Ding Qi. Shu Lan seemed to have an accident!”

“What?!” Xue Jiao threw away the computer and stood up.

She called Ding Qi while changing clothes: “Wei, Qi Qi, where’s Shu Lan? What’s the matter? !”

“Don’t worry, Jiao Jiao, it’s all right, but you’d better come here. We’re at Hengshan Road now.……”

Xue Jiao nodded and went out for a taxi.

Uncle Xing went out with Cheng Shuo today. She could only take a taxi by herself.

Hengshan Road was still a famous villa area. Cheng Shuo mentioned there when he talked about relocating the house, but later he changed it to another place, not far from Hengshan Road.

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They were both finely decorated. Now they were still making the final adjustment. They will officially move there in two days on New Year’s Eve.

When Xue Jiao arrived, Ding Qi and Shu Lan were there. They were outside the community. Ding Qi was standing and Shu Lan squatted on the ground.

Seeing that they were safe, Xue Jiao was completely relieved.

“What’s going on? Jiajia didn’t say it clearly, but it scared me to death.”

“Ask Shulan what she did! She’s a fool!” Ding Qi glared hard and looked very angry.

Xue Jiao was confused: “What’s the matter? Why did you all come here?”

Shu Lan covered her face, wept silently and didn’t speak.

Ding Qi came forward and told Xue Jiao the exact details.

It turned out that Lin Yinyin’s parents’ company went bankrupt, and then Lin Yinyin moved out of Beijing. The Yu family also let Yu Cheng cut off contact with Lin Yinyin.

As soon as Yu Cheng was happy, he was officially with Shu Lan and said he would be engaged to her.

Today was when Yu Cheng brought Shu Lan home to see his parents.

Who knew that when they came in, they had just met Yu’s parents and looked at another girl next to Yu Cheng. The other parents were sitting at their house with their daughter.

Yu Cheng was very angry and said frankly that he only loved Shu Lan and would not be with others. He only wanted Shu Lan in his life.

The girls who could be liked by the Yu family have a very good family background.

Hearing Yu Cheng’s words, the other party was also angry. The other madam took the girl down with angry words and left.

Yu Cheng’s father, Yu Zhengguo, was so angry that he beat Yu Cheng with a stick. Shu Lan went up and took two hits for Yu Cheng.

Then Yu’s mother Su Qing invited Shu Lan out and locked Yu Cheng up.

The entire situation was like this.

Xue Jiao frowned and looked at Shu Lan: “Are you okay? Did those two sticks hurt you?”

Shu Lan’s voice was hoarse: “It’s alright.……”

Ding Qi was still angry, and her voice was also angry: “Jiao Jiao, what do you care about her for? Are you in a hurry to be humiliated!”

Hearing this, Shu Lan shivered.

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  1. Is her white-lotus behaviour about to be revealed?

      • I though there was foreshadowing of that kind, that’s why.
        I may be wrong, I am not sure

      • LYY called her a white lotus and she probably is — it’s just that nowadays people say white lotus when they mean fake white lotus, while she’s an actual one.

    • It’s not a foreshadowing for Shu Lan. The white lotus one wasn’t Shu Lan, but her “best friend” Fangfang. It’s shown since the first time they met Xue Jiao two years ago.
      When LYY angrily called SL white lotus without clear reason, I tend to suspect it’s Fangfang’s work.

  2. Glad to see Lin Zhihua is not hounding Jiao Jiao too hard. I really don’t have any sympathy for Shu Lan. If she insists on sticking a hot face to a cold butt, this is the expected outcome.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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