WFILTU Chapter 416 – Kiss V

But they all knew that Ding Qi always spoke frankly. In fact, she has no bad heart.

Xue Jiao sighed, patted Ding Qi placidly, then stretched out her hand and helped Shu Lan stand up.

“Lan Lan, you know what his family looks like. Why would you come back with him when he can’t protect you?”

Shu Lan’s legs were numb. She leaned on Xue Jiao, and her voice was hoarse: “We didn’t know that his parents……”

Yu Cheng still had a plan. They go home for a showdown, which was also a test.

They just didn’t expect that the other party was already giving him a blind date, so that it turned out like this later……

“Lan Lan……what are you going to do next?” Xue Jiao looked at her.

Shu Lan’s eyes were blank. Her eyes moved to the building where Yu Cheng lived and gradually became dull.

“Even if Yu Cheng was very good. You couldn’t follow him for a long time with a family like his!” Ding Qi’s voice was determined.

But obviously, Shu Lan was not such a character.


“Jiao Jiao, you see, she’s still hesitating!” Ding Qi looked unbelievable and pulled on Xue Jiao while saying.

Xue Jiao shook her head, held Shu Lan and said, “We’d better go to the hospital to see if you’re hurt.”

She paused and continued, “Besides……I know we have no use saying anything about Yu Cheng. I just hope you……don’t come in the future.”

Shu Lan paused and said, “I won’t come again.”

One insult was enough.

“You haven’t faced the strength of his family. When he couldn’t convince his family, you shouldn’t contact his family. As for you two……” Xue Jiao paused again, “decide for yourself. I also don’t understand feelings……”

She herself was still a confused paste. She couldn’t give Shu Lan any advice at all.

Shu Lan bit her lower lip and nodded.

After a moment, she opened her mouth: “Thank you guys……”

She was really moved. No matter what happened, it was really good to have friends with her.

Without them……she might still be squatting on the ground, wondering what to do.

Ding Qi, who was scolding her and Xue Jiao, who was supporting her, were her warmest memories in this winter.

Xue Jiao and Ding Qi helped Shu Lan to the hospital for examination. Fortunately, they did. Shu Lan felt nothing, but in fact, her back was green.

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Xue Jiao and Ding Qi were so angry that they wanted to go to the Yu family, but they were pulled back by Shu Lan.

“I bumped into it myself. He hit……Yu Cheng. Don’t worry, it won’t happen in the future…….” Shu Lan’s voice was still hoarse.

Xue Jiao sighed and met Ding Qi’s gaze, ” Let’s take you back.”

They sent Shu Lan home.

In fact, in Xue Jiao’s view, Shu Lan’s family was already very good. Her parents were primary school teachers and had their own house.

And Shu Lan was obedient, sensible and reasonable. Were the Yu parents really so snobbish? Does she have to be a girl from a big company?

Xue Jiao couldn’t figure it out. She couldn’t understand it.

After that, Shu Lan and Yu Cheng didn’t get in touch, and life was calm.

Xue Jiao’s life is also very calm, only thesis, thesis, thesis……

Lin Zhihua was temporarily forgotten by her from her mind, and she focused her heart on rushing the thesis.

New Year’s Eve in Beijing was much more lively than in C City. Every household was brightly lit, with lantern fairs and fireworks.

Xue Jiao spent her third year in this new world with such a sound.

On New Year’s Eve, the whole family moved into a new house. The new house had three floors, but the area was not as large as that of theirs in City C. According to Cheng Mingze, Cheng Shuo had to start paying off his debts.

Beijing……it is really an inch of land worth an inch of gold.

On New Year’s Eve, their family drank wine, and even Xue Jiao poured a glass of red wine.

She drank so much that her cheeks flushed and her eyes looked vaguely at the TV.

“Jiao Jiao, if you’re sleepy, go to bed.”

Xue Jiao shook her head, cheered up and continued to watch the Spring Festival Gala: “No……I want to stay up past the year end.”

Li Sitong smiled and rubbed her head: “You drank for the first time. If you don’t go to bed early tonight, you will probably sleep until noon tomorrow.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

She wouldn’t…….her biological clock was very good……

She was not only waiting for the new year, but also waiting for…….someone’s call.

In the first two years, they all celebrated New Year’s eve together. In the first year, Lin Zhihua ran downstairs, and in the second year, she called Lin Zhihua.

This year……

She was waiting for Lin Zhihua’s call.

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