SAPPS Chapter 60

“Human perception can be interconnected with advanced mecha. People with S-grade perception can accept huge data streams, find what they want and control.……”

A young teacher with glasses stood on the podium and occasionally answered the questions raised by the students below.

Wei San stealthily touched the wall, twisted her body, and hid under the window to listen to the class.

She heard that this class was the best class of the grade A mecha division, so she wanted to audit the class and see if they talked about grade S mecha. The library has no information in this regard.

She didn’t expect a student to ask grade S related questions.

It would be even better if she could hear the S-grade mecha engineer lecture.

“What are you doing?”

Ying Chenghe frowned and looked at the person squatting under the window and sticking to the wall. He saw the person sneaking in from a distance.

Wei San looked back and saw Ying Chenghe. She didn’t remember who he was at first. She remembered his name only when she saw the long hair.

She got up, covered Ying Chenghe’s mouth, pressed him, bent down and hid under the window: “Brother, don’t talk.”

The teacher on the podium didn’t notice the difference and continued: “As we all know, the predecessor of the five military academies was established by the five great mecha engineers. Our Damocles Military Academy was founded by senior Yu Qingfei. He was good at light mecha and was a master who really pioneered the mecha.”

Wei San listened with interest. Her left hand was still pressing Ying Cheng’s back, and her right hand covered his mouth.

Ying Chenghe struggled in shock. How dare this person!

“… there is an S-grade mecha engineer among your freshmen. He can learn all the mecha materials left by senior Yu Qingfei in the future.” The teacher sighed, “we will soon be responsible for the mecha of the school team, so we must work hard and not drop the chain.”

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Tut, it seems that she must be an S-grade mecha engineer to learn. It won’t help her to change her major in the future. It’s better to learn mecha well, go to the underground factory to earn money, buy materials and make the mecha herself.

The teacher in the classroom brought the topic back, and Wei San lost interest. She released Ying Changhe, got up and left.

Ying Chenghe saw that she left directly without any explanation. He was angry and chased up: “Stop!”

Wei San turned back and looked at him strangely: “What’s the matter with you?”

Ying Chenghe: “What were you doing there, sneaking around just now?”

“Passing by, you were so loud just now. It’s easy to affect the teacher’s lecture. Don’t do that next time.” Wei San’s words are perfunctory.

Ying Chenghe was shocked by her ability to blame others. For a moment, he was stunned and didn’t know how to reply.

Wei San didn’t pay attention to Ying Chenghe. She dropped her eyes and sent a message to Jin Ke: [who is the S-grade mecha engineer of this year’s freshmen in our school?]

The Jin family made a fortune: [Didn’t you see him that day? It should be Chenghe. Why do you ask this?]

Secretly begging: [?]

Jin Ke thought she didn’t remember. Quickly swiping some photos of Ying Chenghe: [I introduced you to each other in the canteen that day.]


Wei San looked up at Ying Chenghe opposite, put away her light brain, and suddenly had a warm smile on her face: “Ha ha, I was just kidding just now, what’s the matter with classmate Ying here? Do you need my help?”

Ying Chenghe frowned at the person who changed her face faster than turning a book, and finally walked away with disgust.

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