SOOEW Chapter 318 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XL

She dragged the person all the way into an empty classroom. This was a venue for training physical strength. Wen Ying often exercised here to improve her physique, but the training hall in the Omega’s exclusive college has the highest idle rate of all the schools. The venue was so large, yet the inside was empty, perfect for them to speak in.

“I want to say sorry to you.” Cyril noticed that she seemed inexplicably angry and said, “I didn’t know you well before, so I misinterpreted your behavior. I didn’t expect you for such a reason……Bi’er, I think I misunderstood you. I’m sorry.”

The long and sincere speech was amazing for an Alpha!

You have to know, even the time she saved him, she wasn’t able to let him say much, just “sorry” and “thank you”. It was not easy for people who have always been strong and loved their face.

However, for Wen Ying, his sudden apology made her feel confused.

Suddenly, she heard a “hei hei” laughter in her head. She used her mental strength to communicate with Chris: “Did you do something?”

“No I didn’t!”

Chris refused to admit it.

His original intention of sending that recording was to urge the other party to do Allen’s business well. But he did hesitate to send it to Cyril. He just thought that maybe the person she most wanted to tell was not herself. Seeing her in trouble, if Cyril had a hot head and does something that made her sad, there would be endless trouble! So he sent the recording as soon as he was cruel.

He regretted it after sending it, especially when he saw the other party coming to her so eagerly, and he finally realized that he might have done a stupid thing……

“You came to me just to apologize?” Wen Ying finally turned her attention back to Cyril and asked him.

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“No, I have one thing I want to confirm with you.”

He lowered his head and stared at her. His blue eyes flashed like the deep sea and his throat moved. Only in her confused eyes, he clicked on the personal terminal and played the matching picture directly to her.

Two mechas had a murderous fighting posture in mid air. One is an ordinary mecha in the star network, and the other was a special mecha. They had different shapes, but their actions were the same. Because of the movement of his wrist, there was a slight flicker of instability in the picture, but it was enough for Wen Ying to understand.

She gave a “wu” and didn’t speak.

In fact, she didn’t feel very well. It was unknown if it was the reason for the rise in her body temperature. There was a greasy sweat between her forehead and hair, which distracted her.

“Is the Cinderella from the Starnet you?” Cyril asked directly.

“It’s me.”

She answered simply and frankly, but Cyril hesitated, “……really? Cinderella trained in the training hall of Swift’s house. She would make basic mistakes, but her comprehension ability is very high. The most important thing was that she appeared recently, rose rapidly and achieved considerable achievements…….”

“Why is it recently? Don’t you understand, Cyril? An Omega appeared in the military department. Not only don’t you think it’s wrong, but you also defend him everywhere. You say I’m angry with him. Yes, you’re not wrong, I’m angry with him. Those that he can do, why can’t I? But in reality, my physique really can’t let me try. Besides, I have neither space nor teaching, so I can only go to starnet to train. “

Cyril was stunned.

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