SAPPS Chapter 61

Seeing that he turned around and left directly, Wei San had to send a message to Jin Ke.

Begging secretly: [I seem to have offended Ying Chenghe. How is your relationship with him?]

Jin family makes a fortune: [It’s alright, we have joint classes occasionally. What did you do?]

Begging secretly: [Ying Chenghe suddenly asked me what I was doing when I was rubbing outside the mecha engineering class just now. I squatted down with my hand over his mouth. Maybe I did it a little.……I didn’t pay attention to propriety.]

Jin family makes a fortune: [? ? ? You’re awesome! You actually dare to act against the Ying family.]

Begging secretly: [What’s the matter with Ying family?]

Wei San also wanted to learn about the S-grade mecha from Ying Chenghe.

Jin family makes a fortune: [the last family you can offend in the whole Federation is the Ying family. Their family does not only have an S-grade mecha division, but they also have the top commander. They rely on the strength of several military regions. Wei San, you are really awesome! Moreover, they are famous for their attention to Ying Chenghe. Do you see Ying Chenghe’s long hair? All the Ying family have long hair. That’s their family tradition. Such people must not be offended.]

Secretly begging for food: [Ying Chenghe has long and rough hair. He will never be too particular about it. He should not be a vindictive person. Find a chance to set us up for dinner and ease the relationship. I’d like to ask him questions later.]

Speaking of his long hair, Wei San thought of the dark haired boy she had seen. His hair was very beautiful.

Jin family makes a fortune: [Eating is fine, but it depends on yourself if you can ease it.]


Jin Ke arranged for dinner the next day. This time it was still in the fifth canteen.

When Wei San went over, Ying Chenghe had already arrived. When the other party saw her, he looked disgusted.

“Yesterday was my fault.” Wei San poured a drink and sent it to Ying Chenghe. She sincerely said, “I came specifically today to apologize. I’ll treat this meal.”

Jin Ke ate contentedly and looked up from the plate: “I have known Wei San for so many years. This is the first time she invited anyone to dinner. She is more stingy than me. Chenghe, you must eat more.”

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She could let Jin Ke say that she was more stingy than him, which showed how stingy she was.

Ying Chenghe turned to look at Wei San and exposed her: “what’s your purpose?”

Wei San coughed rather guilty: “I’d like to ask you some questions about the mecha.” It was all the questions she had after reading the mecha design. She checked the campus network for a long time and didn’t understand it. She even posed as a student of the mecha engineering department and posted a post on the forum. Unfortunately, there was no answer she wanted.

“Mecha problem? You ask.” Ying Chenghe was not a person who remembered small grudges. Besides, there is Jin Ke pulling a line in the middle. With no accident, he and Jin Ke would battle together in the future.

Seeing him say so, Wei San was not polite. She took out her notebook and turned over the problems she had recorded to Ying Chenghe.

Although the price was not expensive, few people used physical books now. Ying Chenghe took a deeper look at Wei San. He has seen this habit in another person.

Ying Chenghe began to turn the book carelessly. As he saw the above problems carefully, his face gradually became serious.

These questions were all regarding grade A mecha, and Ying Chenghe could certainly answer them, but the key was that the core of these questions needs to be answered with the knowledge and principles used by grade S mecha.

If he wanted to make it clear, it was that although this person does not understand A-grade mecha thoroughly enough, they vaguely touched the edge of S-grade mecha.

Ying Chenghe held the book: “Who asked you to ask?”

Wei San raised her eyebrows in surprise: “I asked.”

Ying Chenghe’s eyes fell on the orange badge on the arm of Wei San’s uniform. He clearly didn’t believe it. A mecha fighter asked mecha engineering related questions, and no one would believe it. Fighter engineering double cultivation, did she believe that she was Yu Qingfei?

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  1. … wow so he doesn’t think she’s smart enough to ask about engineering cause she’s a Mecha fighter?? What… Bro… Arrogant much?
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    • I don’t think they do dual majors in this galaxy. It’d be like a barbarian class asking a mage class how to use magic

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