SOOEW Chapter 319 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLI

Cinderella’s first battle record was that she won against Chris in the underground gambling fight. He did check afterwards. At first, her name was not on the list, but she bribed the owner of the martial arts school,

In reality, almost at the same time, she begged him for a mecha under his threat.

“Your soul piece is.……”

“I won it from Allen.”

At this moment, she no longer pretended to be gentle and lovely in front of him, like a little girl who took off her mask and proudly raised her eyebrows, but her beauty was even more dazzling.


Cyril had something to say, but Wen Ying was tired. She took off her white coat and threw it on the ground. “Since you don’t believe it, we might as well fight directly. Do you know Cinderella’s style?”

As soon as the voice fell, her leg had hit out and swept fiercely to his chassis.

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“Wow!” Chris exclaimed, “Honey, I want to remind you that your temperature rose to 49 degrees, which is higher than the normal temperature. I think you’d better calm down first.……”

“Shut up!”

She uttered this sentence with such impatience that Cyril was a little confused. He couldn’t believe it came from her mouth, but it was very similar to the Cinderella he admired.

Cyril was caught off guard, but he also showed the level of top students in the military department. The attack that was difficult for others to avoid was very easy for him. Nearly 2S level mental strength and S-level physique meant that he could clamp down on Wen Ying without effort. But apart from the initial surprise, he did observe her fighting style as she said. It was a fierce attack at first, which was very similar to Cinderella’s fighting method. Later, she had no fear and stage fright against him, no matter the fierce focus of his eyes.

By this time, 99% of his reasons had confirmed that they were the same person.

The result flashed through his mind and made his heart beat faster. In fact, as early as when she saved his companion in his powerlessness, he had a subtle emotional change for her, which made him feel very novel. At first, even Allen was just a relatively suitable future partner chosen for him, but he never tried to feel moved.

“You’re her. Why didn’t you tell me?” He still remembered that he said hello to her on the star network.

“Are you questioning me?” Wen Ying lured in one move. She actually hit his calf, but his leg muscles were as hard as stone. Instead, she hurt her feet, so she could only bite her teeth and say, “What would you do if I told you? Say, ‘you’re Omega, training means nothing to you, so you’d better find someone to marry’?”

“You’re right.……” Cyril smiled softly and suddenly realized that it felt wrong.

From the beginning, the air was filled with the smell of Omega pheromone. At first, he thought it was because she was there and exercise accelerated the blood circulation, so the smell was particularly strong, but more and more pheromones were hooked, so that Alpha pheromone was continuously secreted in his glands.

The two pheromones were intertwined, constantly pulling at each other.

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