WFILTU Chapter 419 – Love II

Cheng Shuo was furious: “I’ll kill him!”

Cheng Mingze continued, “Throw him out!”

Cheng Shuo scolded: “He actually had the audacity to take advantage of my daughter!”

Cheng Mingze continued, “Shameless man!”

Li Sitong: “.……Daughter has grown up, it will happen sooner or later.”

Cheng Shuo: “But they can’t be like now,  he actually kissed her! !”

Cheng Mingze: “Rampant! Too rampant!”

Li Sitong held them and looked helpless: “But didn’t you let him in this morning?”

Cheng Shuo: “……”

Cheng Mingze: “……”

They stared and had nothing to say.

Xue Jiao was in a bad mood last night. No, it should be said that she has been in a bad mood recently. They could feel it and worried secretly.

Why was she in a bad mood? Obviously, they could guess. It’s just that with matters of emotion, they didn’t know how to deal with it.

So this morning, when they found Lin Zhihua and heard him say he wanted to surprise Jiao Jiao……

They let him in.

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If they knew earlier.

If they had known!

Cheng Shuo thought.……he might still let Lin Zhihua in.

Today was the first day of the New Year. If for the first day of the New Year, they could make Jiao Jiao happy, even if it was this annoying guy, Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze have to bear it.

It was unknown when, the idol.……has become the annoying person in his mouth.

Outside, Xue Jiao looked at Lin Zhihua with a red face. He bowed his head. Just looking at the little girl, he felt his heart melt.

He couldn’t help but bow his head……

“Cough, cough, cough!” Next to him, a rude voice interrupted.

Xue Jiao shivered, took a step back and looked over.

Lin Zhihua was a little disappointed, but he was still in a good mood and looked over.

Cheng Shuo was standing there with a dark face and said, “Jiao Jiao, it’s time to eat.”

“Oh, oh, oh, alright!” Xue Jiao blushed, turned around and walked directly inside, with flustered steps.

Lin Zhihua kept up.

This was his first time in Xue Jiao’s bedroom. Obviously, this bedroom was carefully decorated by Cheng Shuo.

Everywhere seemed attentive, but also a little.……childish.

Lin Zhihua couldn’t help looking around. His eyes stayed on the pink bed. It was unknown what he thought and he smiled.

Xue Jiao looked over along with his eyes. She didn’t know why, but her face turned red again.

She stretched out her hand and grabbed him: “Go, go, go, don’t look, don’t look anymore!”

She felt embarrassed when he looked at her.

When they went downstairs, Li Sitong just came out of the kitchen: “Jiao Jiao, wash quickly, is Lin Zhihua staying here for lunch?”


“He cannot!”

Lin Zhihua and Cheng Shuo spoke almost at the same time. Obviously, Cheng Shuo said no and Lin Zhihua agreed.

Li Sitong rarely glared at Cheng Shuo, then smiled and said, “Lin Zhihua can eat here and try auntie’s craft.”

“Alright.” Lin Zhihua said with a smile, without any pretense of courtesy.

Li Sitong happily went into the kitchen. Lin Zhihua looked at Cheng Shuo who was glaring at himself, and went to wash up with Xue Jiao……

He stood up with a smile and went into the kitchen.

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