SOOEW Chapter 320 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLII

Wen Ying’s attack was getting slower and slower. It was like falling into cotton. She doesn’t have the strength to make any moves. She finally realized that something was wrong, or that she had discovered it from the beginning, but it was within control, a reaction she had expected when she studied the medicine. But now——

Cyril had just noticed that he was attracted to her. Naturally, he became more acute it was more difficult to resist her pheromone. It was like an extreme temptation. The sweet smell made him intoxicated, “.……Estrus?” He asked, gritting his teeth and holding back, unsure.

“I also don’t know!”

Wen Ying looked at the blue and angry vein on his forehead. She noticed that the scene was out of control, stopped her body, and was ready to turn around and run!

However, the strong temptation was like a magnet. The Alpha couldn’t ignore her sense of existence shaking in front of him. It was like a black-and-white painting, but her color was bright and brilliant, and no one could ignore it!

When reason broke through with a buzzing sound, he could not help holding her wrist and forcibly dragging the person into his arms. He left at least three points of strength in the fight between the two just now, but this time it was a very strong clamp, which exposed the Alpha’s overbearingness.


Wen Ying suddenly shouted to him, but what she thought was a loud voice, after shouting, it was unusually light and low, only a little higher than a cat’s hum.

His hands around her waist were hot, which made her waist skin particularly sensitive and her back slightly numb.

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She never understood the role of pheromone in her information memory, but now she really felt the uncontrollability of pheromone. The breath of the Alpha seemed to be eroding her brain and persuading her to submit to him. She had only a few senses left and reluctantly thought: was it really the failure of the medicine and the advancement of the estrus period?

Cyril knew the situation was wrong and tried to restrain himself, but he could resist Allen’s pheromone for a moment, but he was more and more unable to refuse the temptation of her pheromone. The desire to mark became stronger and stronger, so that he probed behind her neck to find the position of the gland.

Wen Ying only felt a sudden chill behind her. There was a sense of panic like she was stared at by wild animals.

No way! That wouldn’t work!

She bit the tip of her tongue hard. The pain made her wake up for a moment. She pushed the confused person in front of her out and stumbled into the inside. There was a small room in the venue. It was obviously more appropriate to lock the door to stop the runaway Alpha than to run out.

But compared with Omega’s general weakness, the seduced Alpha was more threatening than usual. Cyril grabbed her arm with only one big step and was about to rein her in.

——And the door was far from her.

Just then, her bracelet flashed slightly under the light, the space button emitted an inductive light, the energy was excited, and the mecha suddenly appeared in the venue.


Small theater:

Chris: Ultraman appears! Hng! Ha!

Cyril: ……

Chris: the monster hasn’t been caught yet!

Cyril: People without a body are good. They don’t even have trouble during estrus. Ai.

Chris: (Sad to deformation)

Wen Ying: (reading the script)? ? Wasn’t it the Ultraman crew? Where’s the transformer? ? ?

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