WFILTU Chapter 420 – Love III

“Aunt, let me help you.”

“No need, no need, you have a rest!”

“My craft is not bad, and Jiao Jiao likes to eat it too. Let me help you.”

“Aiyoh, you know how to cook? So good, too good.”

“Yes I can, that way, I can cook for Jiao Jiao in the future.”

“Oh, oh, oh! That’s really nice!”

“Aunt, call me Zhihua. You* are an elder.”

*formal form of you

“Ok! Zhihua!”


Cheng Shuo stood at the door with a cup and looked at the scene of the harmonious conversation between Li Sitong and Lin Zhihua in the kitchen.

He could only blow his beard and glare, looking at Lin Zhihua’s back unhappily.

He said to help Li Sitong cook, but Li Sitong’s craftsmanship and Lin Zhihua were two levels, so he almost cooked it all.

Li Sitong became the one who helped and walked around Lin Zhihua.

After Xue Jiao finished washing, she was pressed on the sofa by Cheng Shuo and said that she couldn’t let the bad guy succeed……

Xue Jiao: “……”

When the food was served, Li Sitong almost shouted “Son-in-law”!

“Time for dinner!” Li Sitong shouted.

Xue Jiao got up from the sofa and came over. Lin Zhihua had just washed his hands. His cuffs were pulled up. His hands were exquisite. It’s hard to see that he had just cooked.

“Zhihua is really powerful. It smells so good!” Li Sitong smiled, squinted and praised.

Xue Jiao nodded to this phrase, praising him……

Looking up, she looked straight at Lin Zhihua who was staring right back.

Xue Jiao immediately took back her sight, her heart beat faster, and she didn’t dare to look again.

“Hng, don’t let it be an empty praise!” Cheng Shuo coldly hnged.

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He bit the last four words very deeply. People didn’t know whether he meant the food or the person.

Li Sitong glared at Cheng Shuo, but Lin Zhihua just smiled: “Uncle, you* can taste it.”

*formal form of you

Xue Jiao ate Lin Zhihua’s dishes before, but Cheng Shuo ate it for the first time. This shock could not be described by ordinary words.

He wanted to start to dislike it directly, but the fish in his mouth made him want to swallow it immediately.

Li Sitong looked at the man sitting next to Xue Jiao. She just felt that she looked horizontally and vertically, and no matter how he looked, he was very pleasing to the eye.

She just wanted them to get married in place now!

Let Lin Zhihua become her rightful son-in-law!

“Lao Cheng, how’s it?” Li Sitong raised her eyebrows and looked at Cheng Shuo.

Cheng Shuo stiffened for a moment, slowly swallowed the delicious food in his mouth, and only said, “Barely passable.”

Cheng Mingze also added, “It’s just ordinary.”

Li Sitong: “……”

They said it was average, but a total of four dishes were cleaned, and there was nothing left, all gone.

After dinner, several people collapsed on the sofa and were stuffed.

Even if Lin Zhihua doesn’t bear to, he knows he has to have a maximum and the future will be long.

So he got up and said goodbye.

“Jiao Jiao, send Zhihua off.” Li Sitong didn’t leave him either, but said this with a smile.

Xue Jiao blushed and hesitantly stood up: “I……I’ll send you……”

Lin Zhihua smiled and followed her.

Behind them, Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong spoke in a low voice——

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  1. Poor Jiao Jiao has been sold and her biological mother is helping to count the money. Bye bye math genius, hello barefoot and pregnant. Lin Zhihua isn’t getting any younger, so it’s not hard to guess his priority.

    Thank you for the chapter!

    • They actually are. He’s never been in a rush to have children and he’s not the type to do whatever his parents tell him.

      Your priorities on the other hand are unclear. With Shu Lan & her boyfriend you put the family’s shitty opinion on top and here you take issue with Sitong accepting the devoted ML.

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