SAPPS Chapter 63

Chen Ci stood unharmed on the opposite side, stretched out his finger and pointed to Wei San: “It’s your turn.”

“Good luck.” The classmate behind her whispered.

Now, as long as one person could hit Teacher Chen, they wouldn’t be ashamed.

Wei San jumped into the mecha cabin. As soon as she crossed the line, the bullet from Chen Ci opposite of her immediately shot over.

Some of the onlookers have subconsciously covered their eyes. If Wei San lost again. No one in the class could fight.

Under the eyes of others, the bullet was almost incredible, but Wei San could clearly see its trajectory. She controlled the mecha to turn sideways and just dodged in time. Chen Ci’s bullet reappeared in the next second, which was bound to block all her roads.

Chen CI narrowed her eyes. She shot eight bullets in a row. It was reasonable that Wei San couldn’t hide at all. Unexpectedly, she suddenly had a hunch that she couldn’t shoot directly at Wei San. This shooter’s unique sensitivity has saved Chen CI countless times.

She couldn’t hide.

Wei San looked at the approaching bullets. Each bullet was in the position where she wanted to hide. No matter where she moved, there were bullets waiting for her.

In the mecha cabin, Wei San was expressionless. At this moment, she seemed to enter the simulation world. Countless bullets blocked her way, and there were still attackers around her. There was no hope of life and death.

Since she couldn’t hide, then she’ll meet it head on .

She raised her hand and shot two bullets directly at Chen Ci. The bullets collided and exploded in the air. Wei San took the opportunity to find a way to survive and rolled on the spot to avoid the other bullets.

The series of actions performed by the two were only a moment to outsiders.

She avoided it? !

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The onlookers were shocked and watched Wei San control the mecha and roll aside. When they reacted, Chen Ci’s next wave of attack had begun. Wei San wanted to dodge with the same tricks. However, Chen Ci used the same time to fire twice as many bullets this time.

She forced Wei San to fire with a bullet for the first time, and then there was an attack waiting.

In the mecha cabin, Wei San’s hand speed soared to the extreme, one shot, two shots.……she only had time to break through the line of defense. Wei San controlled the mecha to bounce up and avoided other bullets with an extremely distorted posture.

This was only the first step. If she wanted Chen Ci to miss her, Wei San must hit Chen Ci first.

Wei San jumped up and shot Chen Ci at the same time, trying to seal her attack first.

“Bang, bang——”

She shot two shots in a row, the mecha of Wei San was hit on both knees in an instant and she directly knelt down.

Wei San: “……”

Shame, too shameful!

Wei San knelt on the ground and felt that Chen Ci was clearly teasing herself before.

“Next.” Chen Ci spoke faintly.

From beginning to end, Chen Ci’s mecha didn’t move a step.

After receiving the mecha, Wei San and the other students who have ended stood together and sighed.

“Ai, let’s say Teacher Chen is the devil of grade A shooters.”

“Wei San, you were better than us just now. You forced Teacher Chen to shoot so many shots.” At the beginning of the first class, the other students had some thoughts about Wei San who owned the original mecha gifted by the school, now they’re convinced. Although she couldn’t beat Chen Ci, she was obviously better than the others.

Wei San didn’t make a sound. She was still thinking about how she was shot just now. She didn’t even react. Moreover.……those two shots were more like what she ran into herself.

Each of the following students didn’t hold on for longer than two seconds and were all shot in the knee by Chen Ci.

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