SOOEW Chapter 321 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLIII

The moment the mecha appeared, the mecha clenched its fingers and punched Cyril out!

The limbs of the girl’s mecha looked thin and weak, but the hardness of the metal material was daunting. Under Chris’s angry and out of control attitude, the punch was strong enough to put an ordinary Alpha into a coma.

The strong Alpha in front of the mecha was knocked down to the floor of the venue. His waist and abdomen were hit by the meteorites. His blood surged and he coughed violently. Cyril has been tempered by his family for many years, so he was much better than ordinary Alphas. The huge impact made him sober for a moment. Instead of capturing the Omega that lured him, he watched her be sent into the cockpit by the mechanical arm in an almost gentle attitude.

The mecha, which originally wanted to confront him again, automatically changed the mode after she was safely sent back.

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Strangely, he didn’t see any operation of opening the mecha. Then, how was the mecha started?

The layout in the mecha cabin has been switched into a relaxed daily mode by Chris. In addition to the more comfortable style change in the console area, there was also a couch and other furniture in the rear. This was designed by the mecha from the beginning, which could be used by combatants to relax. But usually, Wen Ying used battle mode.

Wen Ying stumbled into the cockpit, and the cabin door immediately closed to isolate the Omega’s pheromone. She covered her pounding heart and almost threw herself on the sofa, weakly shouting, “Chris.……”

“I’m here!”

His low voice came from all directions, as if everywhere, wrapping her in a safe place. Without the interference of the Alpha pheromone, which made her almost lose her soul, her inner panic gradually subsided. There was never a moment when he made her feel so at ease such as now.

“Experimental record book.……”

As soon as she said the word, the mecha cabin door opened again. The white coat she had left on the ground was placed at the door by the mechanical arm, and then there was a force of buoyancy out of thin air, which sent it to her. Like magic, the notebook in the big pocket floated out and fell in front of her.

This was obviously what Chris did. His mental strength after exercise could do this, but he could only try to pick up lighter items.

Wen Ying tried to resist her discomfort to look through the records. After she saw it clearly, her strong support dissipated, and the record book slipped out of her hand and fell to the ground. The feeling of fighting against the surging lust in her body was so painful that she frowned tightly and clenched the armrest of the sofa with her fingertips.

Now, thinking about it, her impatience with Cyril and the impatience to let him leave as soon as possible after getting an answer may be the precursor of her estrus.

At this time, a windy touch brushed across her forehead, like a feverish person whose forehead was tested by someone on the back of her hand. The difference in temperature brought a cool and comfortable feeling.

Wen Ying couldn’t help whispering.

“Still feeling uncomfortable?” Chris asked, his voice rustling in her ear like a magnet.

“En.……what about the temperature?”

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