SAPPS Chapter 64

“All right, everyone should gather.” Chen Ci came out of the aircraft cabin and looked at the students. His eyes stayed on Wei San for a few seconds. “Teacher is also A-grade. Compared with you, all that I have is more experience.”

She lowered her head, opened her light brain and connected the big light curtain of the training room: “Now look carefully at how you were shot by me.”

Just now, all the students’ attacks against Chen Ci were recorded and now they were placed on the big light screen.

Chen Ci’s attack method was only one, but the students’ way of trashy attacks one by one were vastly different and the others couldn’t bear to see it.

When each student saw themself, they couldn’t wait to drill a hole in the ground. This was not a fight with the teacher. It is clearly a great reward for Chen Ci’s abuse of vegetables.

After playing a student’s video, Chen Ci commented on one and pointed out the other’s problems. When she put on the video of Wei San, she pressed the pause button: “Why do you think you were hit by me?”

Wei San: “Because I’m too trash.”

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Chen Ci’s fingers hanging from her thighs moved. This student sometimes deserved a lesson(beating).

“The second time the bullet sealed your route, do you think it was still sealing your route?” Chen Ci glanced at her. “You’re still too young. It’s changed ever since you shot my bullet.”

While talking, Chen Ci released the video and played it again slowly.

In the video, Wei San first sidestepped away from the first shot, then shot and collided with the bullet fired by Chen Ci to reach her escape route. In the next second, Chen Ci fired twice as many bullets continuously, which seemed to block her route in all directions, but the time was short, and there was another place that was not tight enough. Wei San’s two guns fired bullets in that direction continuously, and then rushed in a distorted bouncing posture.

Seeing this, the other students admired Wei San. No matter who it was changed to, with such accurate judgment and produce such control at that moment and win early.

It just so happened that the person Wei San met was Chen Ci, the Grade-A demon.

In the video, Chen Ci even put her hand down after the second intensive attack. Then she stood where she was and watched as Wei San broke away from the attack, facing the two bullets that followed.

“Holy shit ! Even that works? !”

One student couldn’t help but say this word and spoke the heart of everyone present out loud.

Chen Ci had already predicted every move of Wei San. She deliberately set a trap to let Wei San hide towards the defense line and shot the two bullets directly at the back.

In such a short moment, most people didn’t even have time to think, but Chen Ci did so much.

Wei San looked up at herself kneeling on her knees in the video and had to discover one thing: no matter how difficult it was to pass customs in the simulation training room, their IQ was also limited, which was different from people in real life.

“The peak of grade A perception.” Chen Ci glanced around at the students, raised her finger and pointed to her head, “Instinct.”

After all the students’ questions were finished and the class had almost ended, Chen Ci allowed them to leave and shouted at Wei San who was leaving.

“Have you trained in shooting this week?” Chen Ci had seen the schedule of Wei San in Xiang Minghua’s hand before. She indeed had a more empty schedule compared to other students. However, she came to class for the second time and made obvious progress. She could see from the attack just now. As for last week, she was just fooling around.

“I practiced.”

Chen Ci nodded: “Continue to work hard. There are ten shooters in the school team next semester. You can compete for one spot.”

Wei San has heard the word “school team” several times, but she has never paid attention to it.

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