SOOEW Chapter 322 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLIV

“Keep it at 49 degrees.” After his voice fell, there was a short pause, and then he seemed to suppress his emotion and said, “If your estrus is ahead of schedule, someone must mark you, otherwise.……”

Wen Ying felt her situation, shook her head hard and said, “No, the dose injected into my body is only one tenth of the patent medicine.……”

There would be no second Omega in the world to let her do experiments. The mouse proposed by Chris was useless. Only the beast in estrus could be used, but the movement was too big, and she doesn’t have so much energy to bring it in. When she couldn’t find other subjects, she wanted to make a simple attempt by herself.

In her mind, the Omega’s exclusive college was her protective layer. She and other Omega couldn’t have marked mating. At most, she was mistaken for illness or early onset of estrus, so she could rest assured that she did the experiment. In fact, if Cyril hadn’t suddenly appeared, and his Alpha pheromone stimulated the Omega pheromones and had a linkage response with it, her response would probably not be so obvious.

“Even if it’s only one tenth, it can’t completely eliminate the possibility.” As he spoke, the mecha began to operate and seemed ready to leave the training venue.

“Don’t move, Chris.……” She gasped. “You don’t understand. If it’s a real estrus…….wu.……” then she should be out of control already.

Omega, like Alpha, loses her mind during estrus and only wants to be marked, occupied and mate with others. However, although she had a vague consciousness and a strong sense of emptiness in her body, she still had a bit of a sober reason. For example, when a person has a nightmare, she often has two selves, one struggling and the other soberly looking at the struggling self and trying to get rid of the nightmare, trying to wake up completely.

This was very difficult. The process of struggling made her like a boat sinking and floating on the waves. If she was not careful, she would be swallowed up by the rocking waves. She felt as if she had lost her perception of the outside world, leaving only her resistance and struggle to the most primitive desires in her body.

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In a daze, she heard someone calling her, and then, in the deep darkness, a thin white light flashed past like an arc of lightning!

She grabbed it subconsciously!

For a moment, an electric feeling spread all over her body. She trembled slightly, but vaguely realized that it was spiritual power.

Chris just tried to test her with mental power. Unexpectedly, that wisp of mental power would be intertwined by her, like a vine, and he was numbed in a moment!

Even though he was used to having contact with her when practicing the mecha, Chris always controlled it appropriately as a connecting line between her and the mecha. But now, her mental strength, such as several thin threads, entangled him, making him tremble for the first time!

“Beatrice, let go first.……”

His voice was slightly hoarse, and he could feel from his repressed breath that he was forcibly restraining himself.


She refused. She was like a drowning man who grabbed a life-saving straw and grabbed it. When she choked and coughed with the water, it allowed her to rise to the surface and breathe a little, making her feel comfortable.

On the sofa, the Omega girl curled up and laid there. Her snow-white skin was in sharp contrast to the dark cortex. Her shiny blond hair was scattered, her blouse was rolled high around her waist and abdomen, and she had a slight spasm from time to time. Just now, she kept twitching and frowning because of suffering. Now she was much better. Only her flushed cheeks show that she still couldn’t calm down.

“You’re right. It’s just fake estrus. It’ll be alright if you bear it a little.……”

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