WFILTU Chapter 423 – Love VI

“Jiao Jiao, it’s no use worrying about this. It’s no use worrying about Shu Lan. Only Yu Cheng can refute his parents.” Lin Zhihua advised.

Xue Jiao nodded and said, “I hope they find a way as soon as possible.”

Lin Zhihua smiled. He didn’t want Xue Jiao to be sad again, so he changed the topic: “Have you handed in your paper?”

Xue Jiao nodded: “Handed in. I sent it to Professor Tan today, I don’t know if I can, it’s the annals of mathematics! The teacher said that if I can’t pass the draft, we can change to another one……”

“It’s impossible. I’ve read your paper. Even if there are many immature places, you can publish it just by calculating Fermat’s theorem.” Lin Zhihua smiled.

Xue Jiao scratched her head in embarrassment. Professor Tan said the same, but she was always nervous.

“Hang up, hang up, sleeping!”

She was a little embarrassed and hung up in a hurry.

Lin Zhihua could only smile helplessly, then close his eyes. Her voice and face are all in front of him.

Just loving a person was so satisfying. When he thought of her, he would feel that life was colorful and extremely happy.

That kind of love, ambiguity, contact……when they stay together, they even feel that the air has become different, and the original cold heart has warmed up.

What a wonderful thing if the person you love loved you so deeply?

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Half a month has passed since the beginning of school. On this day, the professors sat together for a meeting, and their faces were very strange.

“Gao Yuan’s paper has been published in the annual journal of mathematics, which is the glory of our whole mathematics department. Why not publicize it?” Professor Liu blew his beard and stared.

The Dean looked at Professor Liu and nodded: “In fact, it’s ok. The results of the undergraduates in our school in mathematics are really not very bright.”

“It’s just the annual journal of mathematics in China. It’s not the Annals of Mathematics. Don’t publicize too much and let other schools see our jokes.” Another professor frowned slightly and turned over the information.

Professor Liu immediately retorted: “How many articles have we published in the International Yearbook of mathematics? You haven’t sent them, Lao Deng. Don’t ask undergraduates like this. I think Gao Yuan’s achievements are very good in the whole undergraduate course. The computer department was no worse than them last year because Cheng Mingze was brilliant in the school!”

“Don’t compete in our school only. Our mathematics itself is not so strong. Why don’t you compete with the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Peking University? Look at the number of publications published by others, and then look at us?” The Dean frowned.

Professor Ke nodded: “I agree. Last year, the achievements of the Mathematics Department of Peking University broke the record again. Yang Zhan of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences published four papers with novel themes and strange angles. It was said that he combined the two mathematics department students who won the prize last year, Fudan students, and several students from our school to study something, which was still in the confidential stage!”

His voice was very serious, his expression was serious, and his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled.

Professor Liu was in a hurry: “Why didn’t he find the students in our school?”

“Looking for who? Yang Zhan was looking for math related talents in other schools. Our school doesn’t have talents he could look up to.” Professor Ke was also quite unhappy.

But there’s no way. If you’re not as good as others, you’re not as good as others.

The dean was always quiet. After a while, he suddenly said, “For undergraduates……I remember that Professor Tan received a student named Zheng Jiakun before. How was it? Did you get any results?”

Professor Tan drank and said calmly, “Zheng Jiakun is not willing to send in papers. He needs to contact more projects.”

Professor Liu disliked Professor Tan the most, so he choked: “Professor Tan, don’t hold people down. There is no shortage of people for the project. You give people more time to write their own papers. You see, Gao Yuan, when he first came in, he didn’t have as much movement than Zheng Jiakun the year before last, and now the results are quite powerful!”

Professor Tan was calm: “What’s the hurry?”

Professor Liu didn’t like his slow attitude and continued to choke: “I’m not in a hurry. Our school is in a hurry. Look at what other schools think of our mathematics department, especially those old guys from Peking University, at the last meeting……”

As if he thought of something, he sighed and his beard trembled.

Professor Ke’s eyes are also dim. Although the school’s students have increased a little over the years, they were still far inferior to Peking University……

Professor Tan put down his glass and said calmly and proudly, “There are more than Zheng Jiakun and Gao Yuan who are good at mathematics in our school!”

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