SAPPS Chapter 65

Chen Ci saw that her face was at a loss and thought that Wei San was not confident: “Although the school team is selected together from four grades, you have made rapid progress. You can walk from under my hands twice in a week, so you should be able to catch up in the next few months.”

“Elected to the school team……is there money?” Wei San hesitated and asked.

Chen Ci: “?”

Wei San showed embarrassment: “The school team patrols the school every day without any treatment?”

At this moment, a sentence appeared in Chen Ci’s heart: behind every thorn head, there is an ignorant brain.

“Those who select people to compete with other military academies once a year are called school teams.” Chen Ci smiled and said, “the guard patrols around the school every day.”

After thinking for a while, Wei San continued to ask, “that.……will there be a bonus if you win the competition against other military academies?”

Chen Ci suppressed her impulse to start with Wei San and said coldly, “No, it’s an honor competition for our military academy.”

Although they had no honor at Damocles Military Academy for many years.

Seeing that Wei San was still standing there, Chen Ci closed her eyes and waved her away. Her skull hurt.


After shooting class on Friday, as usual, Wei San studied mecha knowledge in her bedroom. After reading the borrowed book, she boarded a forum called Rubik’s cube on the starnet, which was her newly discovered forum yesterday.

Since entering the military academy, she could see a lot more when she logged into the starnet, like an invisible wall being broken. The Rubik’s cube forum founded by Wei San yesterday gathered mecha masters from all stars of the Federation. They will publish all kinds of reward questions and trading posts on it, and some people will open posts for teaching.

The most important point was that the anonymous code set by the moderator was said to be unable to be cracked by the military. Everyone can speak freely in it without worrying about being their identity in real life being discovered

Wei San liked the design section in the forum. She could put together parts to make a mecha. Although it’s not true, it’s suitable for poor people like her who don’t have money to buy mecha materials.

The part data of the design plates are provided by netizens free of charge, so the available parts are limited. Wei San scanned the parts, and finally put together a rough protective mecha to use all the parts that can be used.

Ugly was a little ugly, but the protective effect could definitely reach the maximum value of material use. In her original world, Wei San has been tested countless times. With some of the things she had learned now, she was confident in what she did.

Wei San stared at the model on her light brain for a long time, before finally posting it on the forum.

Before going to bed, she thought about when she could get rich.


In fact, the design section of the Rubik’s cube forum was not popular. The truly capable mecha engineers would not release their own design here. Most of those who would learn here were half idiots, and the things they make are terrible.

In the same night, Ying Chenghe logged into the Rubik’s cube forum. He didn’t want to study, but to relax his brain.

The Hephaestus competition would begin next semester. He would design a mecha for the mecha engineering division and command, but the S-class mecha was not so easy to design.

Answering some simple questions in the forum could relax him.

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Ying Chenghe raised his hand and rubbed his eyes. His other hand accidentally touched the light curtain and jumped to the design section. When he put his hand down, he saw the delayed page and was about to return, but he saw a new design mecha issued by someone.


This was Ying Chenghe’s first reaction.

The design section has not been clicked before, but he has never seen such an ugly mecha: there was a lump of turtle shell on the back, and the limbs were too short, and there were strange things on the abdomen. He felt that the designer had added something messy.

Perhaps this mecha was so ugly that Ying Chenghe gained a lot of spirit. Instead, he wanted to see the data application of this mecha.

The design mecha works sent to the Rubik’s cube forum would automatically become open source resources, which could be downloaded by others for free.

Ying Chenghe downloaded the data of the mecha to his own optical brain, and then connected it to another detector and resolver to prepare for a performance test.

This detector resolver was specially used to test the performance of the mecha designed by the optical brain. The materials used in the S-grade mecha are too expensive. Using the detector resolver in advance can reduce the failure rate as much as possible.

The test needed to wait for a period of time. Ying Chenghe sat at the chair in the laboratory. After that, he suddenly reacted. He was probably crazy. He actually tested this kind of mecha that may not even reach grade A on the test resolver.

Forget it.

The instrument has started to detect already. Ying Chenghe was too lazy to turn it off again. He simply clicked on the data of all the materials used by the mecha. Several schemes flashed through his mind. At most, he could design a protection quasi-a mecha. It would be estimated that only grade B will be measured later.

Ying Chenghe turned his attention to the user ID of designing this mecha: [I’m too poor to make a mecha]


At this time, Chenghe could hear the sound of the detection and decomposition instrument, raised his hand and confirmed it, and waited for the results.

[test result: quasi grade A protective mecha, attack value: 20, protection value: 60.……]

Ying Chenghe did not continue to look at the results of experiments. He stared at the first line and was stunned.

These data basically reach the optimal scheme designed by him, but he was a mecha engineer above grade A.

——Which S-grade mecha engineer was bored enough to make this mecha?

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