SAPPS Chapter 66

Wei San didn’t know that the model mecha she released would be tested and decomposed. As soon as the weekend came, she was busy going to the underground factory to make money and brush her fighting experience.

In the last game last week, she ran into West Landing, which led to insufficient points. She went to start the game early this Monday morning and took a cross-level challenge immediately after she got 3000 points.

The challenge arena of the L1 cross level challenge was on the second floor underground. After Wei San chose the cross level challenge on her light brain, she could brush the elevator and go down to the second floor underground.

The structure of the second floor was similar to that of the first floor. The number of challenge arenas was less, but the space of each challenge arena was larger. According to the randomly assigned number of challenge arenas, Wei San went to the waiting area and waited. The other party was also newly upgraded to L2. With the comparison of pking with West Landing before, she could almost beat her opponent easily.

However, the opponent’s mecha has been transformed. Wei San was obviously interested and was not in a hurry to win. Instead, she slowly disassembled the mecha, one by one.

The underground factory had been open for many years for underground games. Who has seen someone dismantle other people’s mecha on the PK platform?

“Shit, now the people who come to the battlefield are becoming more and more abnormal.”

“Competing is just competing. Why do you bully people so much?”

“I remember Bowing to Life. A friend on the first floor mentioned it to me a few days ago. She liked to do this ever since the first floor.”

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“This was to rely on their high point of strength and deliberately play this set. Who could accept this humiliation if they don’t hurt others, engage in psychological tactics and suppress people’s hearts?”

“Pei, shameless!”

Wei San, who was on the stage was very excited, she completely didn’t know that she was being spoken about. After she was almost finished demolishing, she knocked the person out from the challenge arena.

[Congratulations to Bowing down to Life for successfully leaping through the level. You have been promoted to L2, with star coins of x100000 and points of x10000]

Wei San stepped down to check her balance. Her eyes brightened. In L2, winning a battle gained 100000 stars. It’s so easy to earn!

She wanted to be a mecha fighter all her life! ! !

She successfully raised her level. Wei San didn’t immediately battle, but went to the canteen instead. She wanted to eat something. She didn’t know what tasted good on the second layer.

“Hello, please show me your black card.”

There were two more waiters in the catering area. They bent down and politely asked for a black card from Wei San.

Wei San thought it was for identity verification, so she stretched out her wrist and brushed it on their machine, which immediately displayed: [ID: Bowing to Life, deduct points: 200]

Seeing that her points lessened by 200, Wei San naturally asked about it. As a result, the waiter smiled and said, “The self-service catering on the second floor of the underground required a deduction of corresponding points to enter.”

“.……deduct points every time I come in?”

“You need to deduct points once to enter the restaurant. You can enter and leave at will within 24 hours.”

In L2, winning a game gains 10000 points. Looking at the remaining points on her card, Wei San thought she could afford it. It was no big deal to compete more than a few times.

However, the essence of the underground factory owner’s unscrupulous businessman has been clearly revealed.

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