SOOEW Chapter 324 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLVI

No matter what, Cyril believed Wen Ying’s words for the time being, left and prepared to return to school for formal treatment. The real power of the mecha was enough to flatten an asteroid, so although Chris retained his strength, he was really hurt.

After he left, Wen Ying unconsciously moved her bracelet and said nothing.

She knew that Chris was still there, but they seemed to have experienced something. Even at the spiritual level, it also had an impact on their relationship. Naturally, Omega will be officially marked only when they were bitten by an Alpha, so to be exact, nothing really happened between them……

The image she saw at last should be the illusion condensed by his spiritual force, so it could be eliminated at one touch. Few people could really do this step. It was impossible without strong spiritual force and ideas as support.

After that kiss, he didn’t communicate with her again.

Wen Ying didn’t do anything specially, but would fiddle with the metal bracelet twice from time to time during her daily experiments, as if she were meditating, and Chris was always silent.

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She found that although she experienced an outbreak of pseudo estrus, her secretion of Omega pheromone gradually decreased. This showed that the experiment was successful, but it would produce strong side effects after use, which people with poor willpower may not be able to bear. So what she had to do was improve it.

At this juncture, her tutor found her, and the other party tuned out the video of the training hall and played it to her again.


The tutor said, “I don’t mean anything else. This college doesn’t prohibit Omega students from carrying a mecha, so your behavior is very reasonable. However, I hope you can give a reasonable explanation for not reporting to the college when your estrus is coming.” She said meaningfully.

After she regarded Wen Ying as her best student, Wen Ying and her relationship could be said to be both teachers and friends, so she didn’t pay attention to her harsh words.

The other party’s mysterious tone also made her connect the details in her memory. Therefore, after a moment of thinking, she revealed the pharmaceutical experiment that should have been hidden from people to her tutor.

“……I thought you were trying to avoid estrus, but trying to make a medicine to delay the deadline was self-defeating.” The other party’s expression could be described as shock. Then she shook her head and smiled, “I’ve seen many confused Omega, including myself. I haven’t seen one like you……”

“Teacher has also made many achievements in medicine. How can you be said to be confused.” Wen Ying said.

The tutor smiled but didn’t speak, and received her ideas very quickly, as if another person had done the same thing as her. She inquired about her experiment in detail, then waved her hand and drove her out of the office.

At this time, a hoarse voice suddenly appeared in her bracelet, “Keep half your words. What if she wants to steal your experimental results?” His tone was tired, as if he had just experienced a battle.

“……Are you awake? You didn’t talk. I thought you went back.”

“I may be going back soon.”


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