SOOEW Chapter 325 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLVII

He spoke slowly, “It’s just my guess. All along, I thought that as long as I was brought back to the Ackerman family, my soul would naturally return to my body. The original agreement with Alan was to let him get as close to the Ackerman family as possible and return me without doubt. But now it seems not. After this time——” he stopped, and they were both embarrassed and speechless for a moment. They both thought back to what he was going to mention.

“In short, I found that the soul attached to the mecha soul piece resonated with its magnetic field. Now it’s not easy to peel me off without damage.”

Wen Ying subconsciously held the metal ring in one hand, which had become her habit. She said: “.……so are you trying to leave the soul piece?”

“That’s right, after I successfully leave it, I can go back.”

“Oh.” She uttered a single tone and then asked without much emotion, “When can you go back? What can I do for you?”

“You.……” he paused and found that this was the second time she mentioned the topic of “letting him go back”. His slightly hoarse voice rang out in her mind, with a little casual smile, as if he didn’t care to say, “If you meet someone from the Ackerman family one day, you can sell me for a good price.”

After a brief chat, they didn’t talk for a few days, and Wen Ying couldn’t take care of him for the time being, because she received the invitation from the Pharmacist Association.

This was obviously the opportunity that the tutor gave her. In fact, she guessed in this regard after that conversation, because her tutor is not only a member of the association, but also an apprentice of the president of the association. The current president of the Pharmacist Association was the person on the original track who worked hard for the Omega lifelong inhibitor and finally died with regret. With this relationship, she received the invitation only after being introduced by her tutor because she had the same idea as the other party and obtained preliminary research results.

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Chris obviously didn’t know that. He just thought for her from her point of view. Even she had forgotten this relationship at the beginning. She would not be relieved to hand in the information until she recalled her last conversation.

Wen Ying came to the Pharmacist Association. An ordinary association only needed a conference room, a conference table and several offices. However, the Pharmacist Association gathered the best and top pharmacists of the free Federation to exchange experience and conduct research together. It was very quiet here. In order to ensure the progress of the experiment, the materials with the latest sound insulation technology were used to cast the walls. Even if there was an accidental explosion in the laboratory, only a light sound could be heard outside. Of course, many measures to prevent accidents were taken inside. In case of an emergency, it would be connected to the alarm in the building to achieve the effect of personnel dispersion.

Under such a premise, most of the windows and doors were closed, but one of the laboratory doors was open.

Inside sat a female Alpha, who was in no way inferior to any male Alphas. Her long legs extended and overlapped under the experimental table, holding her chin in one hand, and she was bored enough to pour the test tube into another test tube. Even the dose seemed to follow suit, but she saw small beautiful fireworks burst out in the test tube in an instant, mini and lovely.

She had red hair, a dazzling spirit and bright red eyes. Every lazy action was full of strength.

Somehow, obviously her Omega pheromone has slowed down the secretion rate, but Wen Ying found that she still had an indescribable sense of attraction.

Maybe the other party was the same, because as soon as she saw Wen Ying, her eyes lit up immediately. She put up her head and said “hey” as a greeting. “Are you Beatrice?” When Wen Ying nodded, she said, “My name is Donna, I’m that someene’s granddaughter. The old man asked me to wait for you here. In short, you have to pass the test before you can join the Pharmacist Association.”

“What is the content of the test?”

“You were supposed to make the Lucifer drug regarding mental strength, but——” she stopped. “Who told me to like you when I saw you? Have fireworks, baby.”

The playboy’s tone was the same as when Chris called her “sweetheart”. The highly overlapping character of the Alpha made her laugh, “Alright.”

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