WFILTU Chapter 428 – God V

The flying car conjecture was a paper that only existed some time ago. It had no technical content and had not been sent to websites with gold content.

Flying car, as its name implied, was a car flying in the sky. This paper was scolded miserably. Xue Jiao had only seen it in the Graduate Office.

Chu Sheng’s eyes were bright. “I may not be able to make a flying car in my life, but I can give future generations directions. Even if I can’t find the direction, I can tell them which direction is wrong. Gu Xuejiao, are you interested in taking a new road instead of the old one? Give me a year or two. If you can’t see hope in two years, you may leave at any time.”

Xue Jiao looked at him in silence.

Chu Sheng’s eyes were crazy and obsessed. Every researcher was like this. There was only one line between geniuses and madmans.

But such madness was the future and the light of scientific and technological development.



They talked for a long time. Chu Sheng couldn’t wait to do his preparatory work. Xue Jiao turned over the thick booklet and looked seriously.

She felt she was persistent enough, but Chu Sheng, with just a childhood fantasy, had worked hard for so many years.

This booklet had been conceived since he was in high school.

Then, until today, he finally drew his blueprint in front of Xue Jiao.

She was the first to see it, but certainly not the last.

Xue Jiao doesn’t know if they were doing useless work, but at this moment, she was willing to listen to her heart. She wanted to do this.

Her hand gently turned and looked at it page by page.

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It was not until Professor Tan’s message came that Xue Jiao put away the booklet and went to the office with her bag on her back.

She went to the office door and knocked on the door——

“Professor Tan, you’re looking for me?”

There was not only Professor Tan, but also several other professors. There was Gao Yuan next to Professor Liu.

“Hello, Professor Liu, Professor Ke, Professor Xu and Professor Deng!”

“Gu Xuejiao came. Sit down quickly.” Professor Tan greeted her with a smile.

Xue Jiao sat in front of Professor Tan in the sight of all the professors, very…… uneasy.

“Professor Tan, what can I do for you?”

Professor Tan smiled and said, “It’s like this, before, Yang Zhan organized a team to verify Fermat’s theorem……”

“Ah?” Xue Jiao looked confused.

The other professors laughed and Professor Ke interrupted, “That’s right, you cut their beard, hahaha, so they changed their direction and prepared to work on Riemann’s hypothesis.”

Professor Tan nodded. “Yes, that’s right. Then, today they sent an invitation to our school. I hope you can participate.”

“I participate?” The information was a little large, and Xue Jiao was still absorbing it.

Yang Zhan wanted to study Riemann’s hypothesis, then formed a team and invited herself to join?

“That’s right, I think this is a very good opportunity. Riemann’s hypothesis has always been a difficult problem. Since they want to do this, Yang Zhan must be prepared. It’s good for you to join, and you can get in touch with the best freshmen in the mathematics world. I highly recommend you to join.” Professor Tan said with a smile.

The other professors were also full of gossip——

“Gu Xuejiao, this is really a good opportunity. You can learn more when you go in.”

“That’s right, you really earned face for Tsinghua this time. They wanted Fermat before, but they didn’t invite us.”

“Hahaha, so Gu Xuejiao issued the proof in advance!”

“After joining, Gu Xuejiao, you get along well with them.”

“Yes, that’s right, but we can’t be bullied by them anymore!”


Professor Liu raised his voice, “Classmate Gu Xuejiao, can you please bring Gao Yuan with you and let him do chores without participation? He might not be able to help with anything, so he can just do chores and help broaden his horizons!”

They seem to have decided that Xue Jiao would join Yang Zhan’s team.

Xue Jiao suddenly said, “Professor Tan, can you contact Yang Zhan?”

“Ah?” Professor Tan was stunned and said immediately, “I can contact his teacher. You want to communicate with Yang Zhan?”

Xue Jiao nodded.

The other professors looked at each other and thought that Xue Jiao would ask about the project again, but they didn’t care.

Who knew that after two transfer calls, they finally connected with Yang Zhan.

Xue Jiao asked——

“Senior brother Yang Zhan, I have a project here. Are you interested?”

Professor Tan:”……”

Professor Ke: “???”

Professor Liu: “!!!”

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