SAPPS Chapter 69

It was normal for mecha to be painted, but they’ve never seen this kind of thing, one by one, with all colors on the mecha.

When the competition began, the people under the challenge arena looked seriously impacted.

This person called “Bowing to Life” doesn’t use a light knife. She used a sharp mecha piece as a knife. The light knife was made of special materials and could be put in the palm when not in use. When in use, as long as the gray crystal in the mecha provided energy, the “knife” she used couldn’t be put back at all. It looked strange and clumsy when it was vertically embedded behind the mecha arm.

This mecha was so ugly and strange that it impacted the weak hearts on and off the stage with her every move.

Since Wei San could do such a thing, she naturally doesn’t care about other people’s eyes. What’s the use of a good-looking mecha? It’s the king’s way to play to win.

The mecha blade was certainly not as powerful as the light knife, but it was also defensive. Relying on her efforts all night, she became more and more arrogant in the challenge arena and took down mechas mercilessly.

“I remember it now!”

Someone suddenly shouted under the challenge arena.

“The……’knife’ on Bowing to Life’s left arm, was the defensive armor she removed from someone else’s mecha yesterday.”

“The item on her kneecaps look very familiar to me.”

“This person takes down other people’s mecha and melts it into themself?”

“She definitely took these things as an honor, just like criminals collect victims’ things.”



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As Wei San continued to go on stage PK, within a day, word of mouth spread through the whole second floor regarding Bowing to life. This ID has become notorious, even more famous than West Landing, who had won another 50 games in a row.

Wei San didn’t know about all this. She doesn’t play very fast. Sometimes she would be very slow when she met a difficult opponent. She tried to avoid fatal attacks as much as possible, and learned the attack method of the other party to improve herself. She won several games narrowly.

But in the eyes of others, ‘Bowing to Life’ was intentional. She was teasing her opponent. Now the people on the second floor of the underground felt that her ID was full of ridicule and asks them to bow to life.

Wei San didn’t know anything about it. Before she left at night, she went to the restaurant for dinner and met West Landing again.

Obviously, Bowing to Life created “a big show” today. Even West Landing heard the news.

“Your mecha is……chic.” West Landing seemed to want to find a word of praise to gap the relationship between them, but finally only found this word.

Wei San accepted the compliment: “Thank you.”

West Landing looked at the person opposite through the mask. Judging from her voice and posture, she was obviously young, probably about his own age. She should be from the military academy, but she said she wasn’t.

There was only Damocles Military Academy with S-class mecha individual soldiers in Sadu. West Landing has seen all the S-class mecha individual soldiers in school. None of them were qualified to be Bowing to Life, so he believed what the other party said.

Maybe it was someone who came from a mysterious family.

“I will probably go to the third floor underground next week.” West Landing asked her, “Do you know where I can transform my mecha in the underground factory?”

“There is a trading market. It should be fine to go there.” Wei San had never been to the trading market on the second underground floor.

West Landing nodded and then asked, “Do you want to rebuild your mecha?”

The third underground floor was already L3 level. All the people in it were old hands. Their weapons have been transformed many times and they were not easy to deal with. Therefore, West Landing had no direct challenge to skip the level today. Instead, he wanted to transform his original mecha and start again next week.

“There is no such plan for the time being.” Wei San asked, “How much is your budget?”

West Landing was paused. The word ‘budget’ had hardly appeared in his life. He hesitated to give a number: “50 million star coins?”

“Ke, ke!”

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