SAPPS Chapter 70

Hearing this figure, Wei San choked on her throat. She looked up incredulously: “How much?”

“Fifty million.” West Landing saw that she was very excited and said, “Is it too little? I can……”

Wei San didn’t eat any more. She cordially held the hand of West Landing with both hands: “What kind of mecha do you want to transform it into?”

West Landing  felt a little confused about her sudden enthusiasm, but still said, “I use light mecha and want to add a pair of breaking cloud wings and black crossbows.”

Wei San said sincerely, “Since we PKed already, this is fate. In fact, I know a mecha engineer. She has good skills. She doesn’t need 50 million star coins. 25 million star coins can help you transform the mecha!”

“The mecha engineering master you know……” West Landing inexplicably remembered that he saw the other’s colorful mecha on the light screen today. “The mecha master who helped you transform your mecha yesterday?”

When Wei San heard his tone, she knew he was prejudiced. She said enthusiastically, “Of course not. I just asked someone to do it yesterday. The mecha engineer I know is very powerful!”

West Landing  doesn’t care about this money. He intended to make friends with Bowing to life, so he promised: “It’s fine for it to transform by next Saturday.”

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“Of course it can be transformed.” Wei San said without hesitation.

West Landing lowered his head and swiped several times on his light brain. On the opposite side Wei San immediately received a huge sum of 50 million star coins.

Looking at the huge sum of money, Wei San’s voice was a little unstable: “25 million is enough.”

“Just use better materials. If you don’t have enough money, you can contact me.” West Landing stood up and handed the mecha necklace to Wei San, “I need to trouble you for your help.”

Wei San was stunned and watched West Landing leave. She felt that his back smelled of money.

Was this the so-called rich man?

After sitting in her seat and waking up, Wei San remembered one thing: Damocles Military Academy has access control from Monday to Friday, and she can’t get out.


People die for money and birds die for food. Wei San decided to take risks and climb over the wall and leave the school at night.

Before leaving the underground factory, Wei San went to the basement again. She found the store owner, rented the venue and tools for five nights, and added the owner’s contact information.

“Boss, I’ll send you the materials I want tomorrow. You can help me enter.”

The shopkeeper lifted his eyelids and said, “Alright.”

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