SOOEW Chapter 328 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLX

The whole competition was broadcast synchronously on the star network. After the results appeared, it was like water splashing into an oil pan, splashing countless oil spots!

The Omega’s defeat undoubtedly confirmed their view, and there was constant clamor on the Internet——

At the scene of the competition, the host asked the award-winning beta: “Are you happy to win the first game?”

“There’s nothing to be happy about. After all, my opponent is only an Omega.” After getting out of the cockpit, the Beta raised his brows. “Omega’s talent is giving birth. It’s natural for me to win.”

The host then looked at Allen, who was pale and silent, and asked a question: “I heard you just experienced estrus recently, didn’t you?”

“Where did you hear that from?” He asked coldly.

“……from specialized Omega research experts. They can see the state of Omega from the details of their behavior. I wonder if this is the reason why you lost this time?”

This sentence sounded quite gentle, but it was actually a trap. Even if there was such a reason behind it, it would only implement people’s idea that “Omega’s physical conditions do not allow fighting”, so Allen was not going to put it on the table at all, but he didn’t think……

He burst out suddenly, like a wild animal trapped in a cage. His eyes were red with anger, and there was an accumulation of repressed anger, “What do you all know! You don’t know anything at all! Omega, who thinks he is crawling under Alpha! You don’t understand the feeling of social bondage with your own hands all your life. Do you think you are very glorious? Do you think I would engage in such behaviors because I wasn’t raised properly? Wake up, what’s the difference between your current situation and captive livestock!”

His remarks stunned the Omegas, but also immediately attracted an uproar from the public.

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“The structure of this society is like this. I don’t know why some Omegas are so unruly that Alphas can’t even love you well.”

“With Alpha leading the battle, it’s enough for Beta to rush into battle. What can you do with an Omega? Once the estrus period begins, the whole front will fall and collapse. You even accuse Omegas of being livestock, that’s really enough!”

“If he can act like this regardless of the safety of everyone, I doubt whether he is not from the Free Federation or a spy sent by the Empire?”


The one sided public opinion and conspiracy theory made Allen almost expressionless. He was not as angry as when he first saw these comments.

After he lost the game, he could completely predict his future. If he doesn’t go back to Fillmore’s house to recognize his ancestors, he will be randomly matched by the Omega Association, but after being recognized, his fate was just marriage.

The words after losing the game were the last wake-up call for the Omegas and for himself. Failed to fight Omega’s damn physiological structure. What’s the difference between him and them?

He has lost the right to blame others.

Just as Allen was confused and ready to turn off his optical brain, a shocking message stunned many people on Starnet and stopped him.

“Sorry, I’m also an Omega. Similarly, I also participated in the trial.”

This was sent by——

“Cinderella with a submachine gun”.

Throughout the famous star network, most of the mecha operators were soldiers who also had fans in reality, but the real identities of several mysterious figures were unknown, one of which was “Cinderella with submachine gun”.

She rose abruptly in recent times and defeated many famous predecessors with her superb insight. She was known as a “magician”. No matter what kind of move the other party used, she could quickly learn after watching, and even fight back with the same moves in the same fight. This level of the battling was amazing, overwhelming others with admiration for her superb performance.

Hence, when she suddenly revealed her identity, it attracted the attention of countless people, and the word “Omega” touched people’s sensitive nerves. Many people laughed and said frankly that she had a sense of humor and obviously had doubts about her situation.

But soon, the organizers of the trial announced the list of contestants for the next stage. Among them, a female contestant named Beatrice Clark wrote Omega in the gender column!

In fact, she had passed a round of competition, but at that time, the focus of the whole society was on Allen, who was expelled from the Free Federal college, and almost no one noticed her. This time, the video of her second round of competition was treated the same as Allen and watched live on the whole network. In order to make the competition more viewable, the organizer temporarily adjusted the list internally, which just made Wen Ying match the Beta who beat Allen!

Everyone held their breaths and waited for the game to begin.

The blonde girl with green eyes soon appeared. Her slender body and soft smile all displayed her Omega’s identity and impacted the netizens again.

This was a battle match full of collision and fighting, which could make people’s blood boil? !

What a joke! !

The Internet immediately shouted: “Crush her! Just like you treated the previous Omega!”

“Let the Omegas all roll home! The playing field is not where they should come!”

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