WFILTU Chapter 431 – Project III

“You’re not bad.” Xue Jiao’s voice was firm, “What’s worse is them.”

Shu Lan closed her eyes and kept crying.

“Shu Lan, Yu Cheng’s parents don’t accept you. Yu Cheng has no ability to resist his parents, so……it’s really hard for you to get together.” The voice of Xue Jiao was gentle, “Love without fate, forget it……”

Shu Lan clenched her lower lip and cried.

Xue Jiao patted her on the back: “Love is only a part of life. We still have family affection, friendship and things worth working for all our life. In the final analysis, people still live for themselves. The universe is boundless and life is endless, but it is only a hundred years for each of us to live and feel the world. We should do it for ourselves.”

Lin Zhihua’s face reappeared in her mind, and the corners of Xue Jiao’s mouth couldn’t help rising slightly.

“With enough luck, you can meet someone who understands you and you can stay with each other. It’s a gift from God, but you can’t force it until fate comes. Yu Cheng……is not suitable for you. He doesn’t have the ability to resist obstacles for you. You can think of him and read him all your life, and let him become the best memory of your green years. However, since you’re not destined, Shu Lan, let yourself go.”

“Jiao Jiao——” Shu Lan hugged Xue Jiao and sobbed.

After a long time, she loosened Xue Jiao: “Jiao Jiao……you go, I’ll stay for a while, I’ll be fine……I, I’ll think about it myself.”

Xue Jiao wiped her tears and nodded, “Ok, Shu Lan, think about it yourself, but don’t forget to eat.”

“En.” Shu Lan nodded.

Xue Jiao picked up what she wanted to get back at the dormitory and left the dormitory.

Many years later, Xue Jiao would also think, what if she stayed in the dormitory the whole time this day?

There were no results all around.

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Because no one could predict what has not happened.

Cancer, car accident, death……these rare things happen all the time, but some people may be lucky for it not to happen around him or her.

But life was like this, full of variables, no one knew the next moment, no one knew whether a good person would suddenly disappear.

The probability was small, but it happens every day.

In front of us, no one knew if there would be any sudden variables.

Life was like this, unknown, terrible but longing for the future.


When she went downstairs, she looked at her Wechat and found that there were more than 100 messages, almost all of which were from Chu Sheng persuading Yangzhan.

But obviously, although Yang Zhan was very interested in this, he was not very willing.

There was a sentence he had always stressed——

【Yang Zhan: I’m very interested in this project. To be honest, I really like it even. But I also want to say that this is probably useless work. The probability that we can find the geomagnetic energy is 50 percent, and the probability that we can use the geomagnetic field to create flying cars is 30 percent. In addition, accidental factors also reduce the probability of final success by 20 percent, which is equivalent to our probability of success left with only 20 percent. If the success rate is less than 30 percent, I don’t think it’s meaningful to try, let alone with only 20 percent. Not to say, this is the result of my overestimation.】

Chu Sheng was blocked by Yang Zhan. He really wanted to work on this research project, but he knew that Yang Zhan was right, so he was silent.

Yang Zhan was ready to leave the group and even sincerely invited Chu Sheng to participate in his subsequent physics projects.

Xue Jiao thought and typed out a line of words——

【That’s true, the probability of success is not high, but this research project is what we like and what we want to do. Senior brother Yang Zhan, the advancement of science is the imagination of the sky and the conclusion drawn by the predecessors, and the later generations overturn the conclusion. Whether we can succeed or not, we can leave something for the future generations in this field. We can stand on the shoulders of giants, and we can also be giants.】

Chu Sheng was busy adding on to it——

【Yes, that’s right, Senior brother Yang Zhan, since you like it, why don’t you try it? Before every project, we were not sure whether we could succeed, but it’s just that the failure rate of this project is higher.】

Yang Zhan was silent for a moment. He liked the sentence of Xue Jiao: we can stand on the shoulders of giants, and we can also be giants.

So, finally, he said——

【Let’s meet sometime and I can learn more about it. I’ll bring Sister Zhang Han with me then. You can also try to convince her.】

Zhang Han!

Although separated by phone, Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng brightened their eyes at the same time.

The ace of the Physics Department of Peking University, Senior sister Zhang Han!

Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng both responded immediately. After Senior sister Zhang Han finish these few days, everyone can meet. Anyway, they were all in Beijing.

Winning over Yang Zhan and Zhang Han may not improve their success rate from 20 percent to 50 percent, but it would double their progress!

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