SAPPS Chapter 71

The finished products of breaking cloud wings and the black crossbow must be expensive. Wei San just wanted to practice and earn the middle price. Naturally, she made her own materials. These two things were basically the most commonly used weapons for the light mecha, but she only knew the general idea of how to do it. She had to go back to the military academy to look through the information.


Although the library does not have S-grade related materials, it has all kinds of A-grade mecha materials, and it was fully open to students. As soon as the class was over, Wei San ran there, listed a lot of materials, and sent the chart to the shopkeeper for help.

At night.

Wei San came out of the dormitory building and then disappeared in the dark. She didn’t come out until passing students passed by. She went all the way out and avoided the cameras in the military school.

At the beginning of the week when she came to the military academy, she kept the school route and nearby cameras in mind, commonly known as stepping on the spot.

Wei San didn’t mean anything else. It’s mainly because she was once trapped by Li Pi on Star 3212, so she paid special attention to the external environment.

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In addition to the school camera, there was a guard patrol at all times in the evening, and Wei San was hiding from them.

All the way north, the defense in the north of Damocles Military Academy was slightly loose. Just as Wei San wanted to jump into the grass, a guard suddenly came out and hit her.

Wei San: “.……May I ask, are you brother Ye Bei? I’m your online lover, Little sheep.”

The leader of the guard team who temporarily left the team smoked. What age was this, there are still people engaged in online love. He looked at Wei San with unspeakable eyes: “You recognized the wrong person. If you come to the military academy, you should study hard, and strive to go to the military region in the future. Don’t play with these things all day.”

“Senior, excuse me, I’ll go back now.” Wei San looked embarrassed and turned away.

When she heard the footsteps of the other party walking away, Wei San immediately felt her way back.

With the help of the night cover, she dodged the camera. The cat in the shadow under the wall raised her vigilance to the extreme. After confirming that there was no one around, she jumped up and left over the wall.

It’s pretty simple.

Wei San stood outside the wall and sighed. She turned and rushed to the underground factory. She had only five nights to transform the mecha.


“The walls of the school are so easy to turn over now?”

A man leaning against a window in a building north of the Damocles Military Academy questioned.

Then someone in the shadow said, “I’ll ask the escort to catch the person back.”

The person in front of the window suddenly smiled, his meaning unknown, “It’s not a hurry.”

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