WFILTU Chapter 432 – Project IV

Xue Jiao smiled and put away her phone. Unexpectedly, Yang Zhan gave them such a big surprise.

She couldn’t wait to see Senior sister Zhang Han.

After the chat, she made another appointment with Chu Sheng. After talking for half an hour, she was ready to go home with her bag on her back.

Xue Jiao walked briskly towards the school gate.

However, just out of the school gate, she was stunned and stopped her steps.

Not far away, a man came to her with his hand in his pocket and with a smile.

Xue Jiao watched him approach……

Lin Zhihua walked in front of her, reached out and gently scraped her nose.

“When are you going to hide until?”

Xue Jiao blushed, her face burst red and she stammered: “No……no not hiding……just busy……”

Lin Zhihua looked at her with a smile: “Really? Jiao Jiao, the paper has already been published. How many days did you put off the appointment for dinner?”

Xue Jiao was embarrassed and bowed her head. She didn’t know how to explain.

In fact, the frequency of her videos calls with Lin Zhihua was still very high, but she hasn’t had an appointment with Lin Zhihua since New Years. On the day when the journal was determined to be published, Lin Zhihua said that they would celebrate and have dinner together.

She used to think it was normal to eat with Lin Zhihua, but when they broke through the paper window, Xue Jiao was a little embarrassed. She always felt……like it was a date.

At the thought of the last two words, Xue Jiao’s face turned red again.

Lin Zhihua stepped forward, bowed his head and whispered in her ear, “Jiao Jiao, this time, I hope you don’t hide.”

“I I for me……” Xue Jiao stammered.

“Little Turtle, you should give me an answer.”


Xue Jiao’s ears were red now. She wanted to drill into the ground.


Lin Zhihua looked at her and couldn’t help being nervous, waiting for her answer.


“Dingdingding——” Xue Jiao’s phone rang.

They were both stunned, and then Xue Jiao took out her phone in a panic.


“Jiao Jiao! Have you seen Shu Lan? !” Mai Jiajia’s voice was worried.

“Wasn’t Shu Lan in the dormitory?” Xue Jiao’s brows wrinkled slightly.

“Jiao Jiao! I suspect Shu Lan has gone to Yu’s house!” Mai Jiajia’s voice was raised, and it seemed like she was angered into annoyance.

Xue Jiao was stunned, “Ah?”

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Ding Qi couldn’t help interrupting: “Jiao Jiao, we’re going to find her. We can’t let her be insulted again! This Shu Lan really is!”

“I’ll go too!” Xue Jiao was also worried about her, but felt more confused.

Today, after she advised Shu Lan, the other party seemed to be ready to let go. Why did she run to the Yu family’s house again?

Xue Jiao was worried because of this doubt and decided to go and have a look.

The last time Shu Lan came out of Yu’s house, it was really scary.

“Alright, where are you.”

“I’m at the school gate. Have you guys come out?”

“We’re almost there, you wait first!” Mai Jiajia hung up after speaking her thoughts.

Xue Jiao looked up and looked at Lin Zhihua with some embarrassment: “I have to……”

“I’ll go with you.” Lin Zhihua was resolute.


He raised his mouth slightly, bent down and looked at her head down: “Today, you don’t think about wanting to hide.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

Mai Jiajia and Ding Qi were shocked when they saw Lin Zhihua. It’s fine that Mai Jiajia doesn’t know Lin Zhihua and only felt that his handsomeness blinded her.

Ding Qi seemed like she met a ghost alive. She didn’t dare to say a word.

Then she looked suspiciously at Lin Zhihua and then at Xue Jiao.

Lin Zhihua drove, Xue Jiao sat in the co-passenger seat, Mai Jiajia and Ding Qi sat in the back.

Because of Shu Lan, Mai Jiajia didn’t have time to gossip about Lin Zhihua. She just said angrily, “Shu Lan really is. Why can’t she just let go?”

Xue Jiao also sighed, and then wondered, “How do you know that Shu Lan went to find Yu Cheng?”

“We had an appointment to have dinner together. She said she was waiting for us in the dormitory. As a result, I found no one in the dormitory. Moreover, her phone was put on the bed. We waited for a long time and didn’t wait any longer. We looked at her latest call. It was Yu Cheng!”

“Ah? Can Yu Cheng contact Shu Lan?” Xue Jiao wondered, hasn’t the other party been locked up all the time?

Mai Jiajia shook her head: “I don’t know how they got in touch. I’m a little jumpy and worried.”

Xue Jiao sighed and looked ahead.

Lin Zhihua said nothing and sped up the speed silently.


Yu Cheng did talk to Shu Lan. He let Shu Lan go over.

In fact, after listening to Xue Jiao’s words, Shu Lan already wanted to slowly get out of her love for Yu Cheng.

But when Yu Cheng said in a determined voice that he wanted to see her, Shu Lan almost immediately stumbled out and rushed to Yu’s house.

When Shu Lan arrived at Yu Cheng’s house, the outside door was open, but the inside was empty.

“Yu Cheng?”

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