SAPPS Chapter 72

“Come in.” The shopkeeper opened the door for Wei San at night while holding a bowl of steaming hot noodles.

Wei San was hooked by the aroma of the noodles, and after a while, she asked, “Boss, have you gotten all the materials I need?”

“I have it all, 5.69 million star coins. Please settle the account first.”

“It’s so expensive. Can you give me a discount?”

The shopkeeper raised his eyelids and said, “Expensive? Why don’t you take a look to see what materials you bought.”

Wei San only asked it casually. The price of a pair of finished breaking cloud wings and black crossbow fluctuated between 30 million and 50 million star coins. She collected 50 million star coins from West Landing, and all the materials chosen were the best of grade A.

She paid the money and went into the workshop. All the materials inside were neatly coded. Wei San released the mecha of West Landing and let it lie flat on the console.

“What items do you need?” The shopkeeper leaned against the door and asked wordily. According to the list, most of the materials that came in seemed like it was for making breaking cloud wings and the black crossbow, but there were other parts in it. He didn’t know what it was for.

Wei San always felt that the boss was tempting her and turned to the door: “Boss, please excuse me.”

The shopkeeper subconsciously took a step back and withdrew from the door. Then he saw her slamming the door: “……”

It was normal that many mecha engineers don’t let outsiders watch.


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The shopkeeper went to a large glass outside the workshop and knocked: “The doors are all closed and the curtains are closed too.”

Wei San looked up and didn’t bother to move. She closed the door because she didn’t want to smell the aroma of the noodles.

Instead of rushing to work, she took out a large folded white paper from her arms and spread it out slowly, with a ruler in it.

Wei San raised her feet, hooked over the chair and sat down. She began to immerse herself in drawing .

“She seems like a pretty passable imitation.” The shopkeeper looked outside the glass for a while and muttered. After eating the noodles, he turned to make his own order.

Breaking cloud wing could be regarded as a very popular light mecha auxiliary weapon. Because it was popular, most mecha technicians on the market could create it. However, due to different technical materials, the middle price fluctuated as high as 20 million star coins.

Wei San checked out all the data of breaking cloud wings at school today, including the models in the book, but she didn’t plan to go step by step.

After reading the data, Wei San had only one idea in her mind: It was a pity that such a big pair of wings is only be used to fly!

Breaking cloud wing was composed of 462 mixed Youjin feathers. Its appearance was extremely sharp. Powerful people would naturally not only use it to fly. If the controller used it properly in melee, these 462 sharp feathers could attack the opponent like a dagger.

Light mecha was more suitable for long-range attack. Breaking cloud wing and the black crossbow had always been the best solution for long-range attacks.

Wei San wanted to mess around with the mixed Youjin, and install a small launcher, supplementing the black crossbow. However, the feather was thin and light, and needed to solve the recoil when shooting. She buried herself in drawing the general structure of the breaking cloud wing she remembered in her mind, and then drew an enlarged version of a feather.

If there were powerful mecha masters watching, they had to marvel that the models she drew were like printed ones. With the current development in science and technology, designing was convenient, and there were many basic things that could be solved in the optical brain. There were few mecha masters who drew little by little by hand, such as Wei San.

To add a device to the feather, first ensure that the broken cloud wing can be used normally, and at the same time, the operator cannot feel that the weight of the wing is out of range.

With her pen between her fingers, Wei San turned it slowly, staring at the feather and thinking.

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