SOOEW Chapter 330 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXII

When Wen Ying’s challenge invitation came out, the people watching the game were so shocked that their chin was about to fall off, and there was a sigh and cheering in the small corner of the star network.

“Too strong, I questioned her at first, but I had to admit that she was too good. If she is not Cinderella, then who could it be? !”

“She actually is an Omega, which was a little different from my imagination, but——I like her way of fighting!”

“……anger from a bound Omega, wow, goddess is so cool!”

These people can be said to be Cinderella’s loyal fans. After playing Wen Ying’s game dozens of times from beginning to end, they found that the shadow of Cinderella can be seen in both combat style and detailed actions. If Wen Ying loses the game, the result is likely to be laughed at by the masses and left behind like Allen, but she has won an overwhelming victory. Her strong aggression has numbed the scalp of countless onlookers and fans.

They immediately bowed down under the long skirt of the blonde girl and surrendered very quickly.

But it is clear that most people in society are contrary to them, and they despise them with the attitude of “is this crazy?”. Omega already harshly beat the Beta, and now openly challenge Alphas?!

Where did she get her confidence? To think you’re invincible after winning two games in a row?!

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Although she didn’t win over an ordinary Beta – the identity of the Free Federal Military Department added a halo to him, his achievements in the military department were among the best in the Betas, and he gained a certain recognition after defeating Allen – even so, there is still a gap compared with an ordinary Alpha, let alone the best mecha soldier selected by the military department!

It has to be known, even if there were 11 million Betas, it may not be the enemy’s soldier combat ability of an Alpha, not to mention Omega. Most of the gap between Betas and Alphas is like a trench. The reason why society created the classification of ABO is because of their obvious group differences. A battle between Omega and Alpha is really unheard of!

In this regard, not only did the general public have prejudices, but the Clark family where the original owner was located was furious.

Wen Ying was ordered to quit the competition immediately and return to Clark’s house. They had already found an Alpha for her to register for marriage in just a few days. They ordered: “Don’t do this sensationalism again! We can ignore where you learned this, but now, stop your stupid plan immediately and apologize to them!”

Omega auditioning? This broke the social balance, which must affect those old star families. In particular, the upper class could not tolerate this kind of thing.

The reaction of the Clark family was also expected by Wen Ying. She wanted to ignore it. Unexpectedly, Tang Na communicated with the owner of the Clark family on behalf of the Pharmacist Association.

The face of the Pharmacist Association should be given even by the Star Valve. No matter the era, health is put in the most important position. No one wants to be sick and not be able to obtain medicine, hence they would be polite to the Pharmacist Association. Sure enough, after the female Alpha’s tough and tactless communication, the Clark finally made a concession and allowed Wen Ying to continue to participate in the competition, but once she admitted defeat or was suspended, she would immediately return to the family, and accept the marriage arranged by the family.

Although a certain compromise has been made, in fact, when they want to come, the person in charge from the military headquarters would never allow this to happen. Without them, she would actually be suspended.

Wen Ying called Tang Na and said “thank you”.

“Don’t mention it.” Tang Na paused and winked at her, showing some childish mischief. “Honey, you are destined to make history. I think I can at least look on the side?”

Wen Ying was amused by her exaggerated actions.

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