WFILTU Chapter 433 – Project V

TRIGGER WARNING – suicide / depression

There was no sound. For a moment, she heard a sound upstairs. Shu Lan breathed and went straight to the roof from the stairs.

“Yu Cheng——” Shu Lan’s voice trembled and she looked at Yu Cheng standing on the edge of the balcony.

The railing has been violently smashed. Yu Cheng would fall down as long as he moved forward even a little.

Her legs were almost soft. She held the wall and stood hard.

There were four floors in the top floor of Yu’s villa, but the floor height was very high. If he jumped down, there was no way he wouldn’t be harmed!

“Lan Lan.” Yu Cheng looked at her and subconsciously took a step back, but soon stopped.

Su Qing has cried into tears. Yu Zhengguo has red eyes and said, “Yu Cheng, come down and let’s talk!”

“Have you ever heard me talk well and thoroughly? Ah? How many times have I said that I want to be with Shu Lan? I’ll go to whatever school you let me go to, and I’ll go to whichever university you want me to go to! But why, why do you even care who I’m with!”

Yu Cheng patted his chest and cried. His body trembled. The person stood close to the edge and scared the three so much they turned white.

“We are doing this for you. You will inherit your father’s company in the future. Having a wife who can help you is better than a girl who doesn’t understand anything. You have feelings now, but you will regret it over time!” Su Qing explained while crying.

“But I don’t want to, don’t want to! !” Yu Cheng cried with a headache. “I don’t want to receive my father’s company. I don’t want to marry a woman who matches my standards. I only like Lan Lan! You guys don’t understand anything! You just want me to listen to you!”

His feet shook slightly and Su Qing shouted with fear.

Shu Lan’s eyes blurred with tears and she moved forward slowly——

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“Yu Cheng, Yu Cheng, you come down, you come down first……”

“No, I can’t come down! They’ll lock me up again!” Yu Cheng’s expression was a little ferocious. He has been locked up for so long and his mood was out of control.

“Yu Cheng!” Shu Lan cried and continued to approach.

Yu’s parents also raised their feet and wanted to get close to him.

But Yu Cheng reacted violently——

“You are not allowed to come here! ! Not allowed!” His feet fell back, almost immediately seeming like he was about to fall.

“Not close! We’re not close!” Su Qing was so frightened that she waved her hand.

Shu Lan’s feet stopped and didn’t dare to move again.

“Lan Lan, you’ve lost a lot of weight.” Yu Cheng looked at Shu Lan crying.

Shu Lan also cried and said, “You are much thinner than me. Come down first and let’s talk about it.”

Her feet continued to move forward. Yu Cheng didn’t respond, so she slowly got closer and closer.

“No! They won’t let me talk well. They never listen to me!” Yu Cheng shook and looked at his parents. “I say again, this is Shu Lan, your daughter-in-law. I will only marry Shu Lan in all my life!”

“Son!” Su Qing nodded, “Come down, I promise you, I promise you!”

Yu Zhengguo glared at Yu Cheng: “Have you learned to force us with death? Have you completely ignored your parents for an outsider?”

It was this again!

Yu Cheng covered his head and cried bitterly. Every time he refuted his parents’ decision, they would say——

Do you care about your parents?

Do you want your parents to cry for you?

Your mother went on a hunger strike for you!

Your father is going to have a heart attack for you!

Why are you so disobedient!

Can’t you be sensible?

Yu Cheng hammered his head hard. It’s too hard for him to live……

“Lan Lan, it’s nice to see you for the last time.” Yu Cheng cried and laughed, then turned around.

At this time, Shu Lan was close to him, subconsciously stretched out her hand, grabbed him, and pulled.

Yu Cheng was pulled back and fell to the ground, but this effort made Shu Lan fall backwards.


“Is it this community?” Mai Jiajia looked at Ding Qi.

“It’s here, the building in front.” Ding Qi pointed to the front, and then her pupils tightened.

Almost in an instant, Lin Zhihua turned around, blocked in front of Xue Jiao, then raised his hand and covered her eyes.

Nearby, Ding Qi screamed——

“Shu Lan——”

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