WFILTU Chapter 434 – Younger brother-in-law I

TRIGGER WARNING – suicide / depression / death

At that moment, Xue Jiao’s mind emptied. Lin Zhihua moved so fast that he covered her eyes almost at the moment they saw someone falling from a building.

She subconsciously wanted to stretch out her hand and push away Lin Zhihua’s hand. Her expression was blank and afraid.

“Don’t look, Jiao Jiao be good, let’s not look.” Lin Zhihua hugged Xue Jiao in his arms and held her head so that she wouldn’t see it.

“Shu Lan! Shu Lan! Ah——” nearby Ding Qi and Mai Jiajia cried as they ran over.

Shu Lan? It was Shu Lan?

Xue Jiao’s hand trembled and she blankly held Lin Zhihua’s hand: “What’s the matter? Zhihua, what’s the matter? Is it Shu Lan? !”

Lin Zhihua didn’t let go, then took out his phone while calling 110 and 120, and saying, “Let’s call an ambulance. Jiao Jiao don’t look, be good.”

In the distance, Mai Jiajia and Ding Qi screamed in despair.

Xue Jiao’s tears “Shua” came down and she cried, “Was it Shu Lan?! Lin Zhihua, let me go!”

She was in a hurry and wanted to go.

Lin Zhihua looked back at the scene over there and closed his eyes slightly: “Wait for the ambulance, darling, wait here for a while. Don’t look now, alright. You’re not a doctor. You can’t help her, darling.”

“No——let me over!”

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Lin Zhihua patted her on the back to calm her mood.

“Shu Lan! Ahahah!” Ding Qi’s voice collapsed, Lin Zhihua and Xue Jiao both trembled at the same time.

One hugged the other more tightly, the other struggled more and more.

“Zhihua, Zhihua, let me see. What’s the matter with Shu Lan? What’s the matter with Shu Lan? !” At the last sentence, her voice cracked.

Lin Zhihua clenched his teeth and insisted on not giving up. Xue Jiao opened her mouth and bit his wrist with great force.

Her mood collapsed a little. She just wanted to rush over and see what’s wrong with Shu Lan!

Lin Zhihua refused to let go. The floor was not high, but just now he saw the girl fall down, next to the angular flower platform.

And.……head down. It was extremely dangerous to fall like this.

Mai Jiajia and Ding Qi collapsed in despair, and their voices can also be heard. That girl.…..more or less was gone.

Lin Zhihua has seen life and death many times, but Xue Jiao hasn’t and she is still young. These scenes were likely to become her nightmare in the future.

In order to make her suffer less, Lin Zhihua would never let her see the scene with her own eyes.

Even if she blamed him, she was angry and she beat him, he would not let her go now.

It would be better not to see such a collapsing and terrible bloody picture.

“You let go——” Xue Jiao roared. Listening to the cries of Mai Jiajia and Ding Qi for help not far away, she struggled harder and harder.

The ambulance came quickly. There was a hospital at the foot of the mountain and an ambulance was sent directly.

But when the medical staff approached, they immediately shook their heads and whispered, “I’m sorry, call the police and the funeral home.”

When Shu Lan fell, she hit her head heavily on the corner of the flower platform and left the world almost immediately.

Lin Zhihua didn’t approach, although he already knew the result.

He wouldn’t stop Xue Jiao from seeing Shu Lan for the last time, but it won’t be this time.

“Ah——” Ding Qi and Mai Jiajia collapsed on the ground, shaking all over.

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