SAPPS Chapter 73

Several schemes constructed in her mind were all rejected by her. Not right, adding weight to all the feathers was bound to make the operator conscious of it. The light mecha itself was a word of “light”.

In the end, Wei San overturned all the patterns and structures and reformulated them. The 462 pieces of breaking cloud wings were changed into 324 pieces in different sizes by her. The bottom pieces of the wings were large, which was used to support the skeleton. The more they spread out, the smaller they become. At the same time, the launching device was scattered on the pieces of the wings, which could be closed when waving the wings. Each wing could shoot 50 small arrows at a time, to a total of 10 releases.

After the plan was made, Wei San began to create feather pieces. One night was definitely not enough. She first spliced the black crossbow and installed it on the mecha. It was estimated that the breaking cloud wings would take several nights to complete.

“Boss, I need 324 more feathers. I’ve marked the size needed.” At 4:30 in the morning, Wei San came out of the workshop and rolled up the full drawings and handed them to the shopkeeper. “There are also some new parts written on it.”

“Put it there first.” The shopkeeper bowed his head and was transforming the parts.

Wei San put the drawing where the shopkeeper could see it and turned away from the black factory.

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Returning to school, she still flipped over the wall. Fortunately, Sandu Star’s skies brightened later, and it was still dark at five o’clock.

Wei San quietly went back to school, went back to his bedroom as if nothing had happened, slept for more than an hour, and got up to go to class.

While attending a big class in the morning, Wei San shrank in the last row, dozing off with her eyes open, and her mind was still dreaming of splicing the breaking cloud wing feathers.

Finally, after class, Nie Haoqi invited her to the simulation training room. Wei San directly refused: “I’m not going, I may not feel well. I should have fallen ill.”

Nie Haoqi looked at Wei San and went back to the dormitory building: ……would individual mecha fighters also get sick?

The perception of A-grade mecha soldiers was not only able to control the mecha, but also have strong physical qualities. In addition to being injured, they have not heard of any mecha soldiers getting sick. They were not as delicate as a commander who overused their brains too much.

Wei San lied in the lower bunk of her bedroom. She planned to rest for two hours, get up, go to the library, turn over the complete collection of weapons, and go to training in the afternoon.

The money for mecha transformation needed to be earned, but her training couldn’t fall behind too much. She also wanted to upgrade L3 and win a game to get 500,000 star coins.

After all, it was not always possible to meet rich and easy to talk to people like West Landing.

Before Wei San slept for half an hour, the bedroom door was knocked on.

“Who is it?” Wei San didn’t get up immediately.

“I, Jin Ke.”

Wei San opened her eyes and looked at the upper bed board for a full minute before she got up and opened the door. When Jin Ke came in, she closed the door and lay down again.

She ignored himself. Jin Ke was not embarrassed at all. He sat directly in the opposite bed of Wei San, remained silent for a long time, and sighed again.

Wei San ignored him and turned to the wall to sleep with her eyes closed.

“……we’ve known each other for many years at least. Why don’t you ask me how I am?” Jinke covered his chest and looked very hurt.

“What’s the matter with you?” Wei San spoke perfunctorily. She just wanted to sleep.

Jin Ke sighed, “It’s too difficult.”

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